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So how to proceed after ANB?

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    So how to proceed after ANB?

    Hello, I have just finished my first ANB. I got into Top25 with BH (spent ton of gems) and almost beat TL110. Actually I got really stuck at TL109 Garm with no idea how to proceed, but that's another topic.. I kept the BH character as I liked him a lot!
    So after the ANB, I can barely beat TL90.. with only about 1 lvl of XP gained per TL level.
    Now, this is very slow. Of course, now I have very few of the things from the set - mostly epic. of course, my dmg is severely smaller.
    But the main question is - what do I do now? How to proceed?

    Go cruising the lower trails which are quicker and gather crafting materials

    max out you salvaging and crafting

    craft some gear, or use some drops for your set if you get any

    wait for the next ANB to get a decent craft with a a celestial

    dont forget about enchanting your items

    your belt and bracer can make quite a difference

    other than that, you haven’t given us any info to go on


      You'll want to start on building up your gold farmer, gear farmer.
      A proper account will have these things. Most of the other stuff will come from regular gameplay(anbs)
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