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Absorb chance discrepancy

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    Absorb chance discrepancy

    Could someone please explain to me how:

    L70 Epic Encrypted shield= 40% chance for Absorb Shield
    L76 Leg Encrypted Shield= 30% chance for Absorb Shield

    Unfortunately I accidentally sold the Epic L70 or I would still be using it.

    However, I fail to see how, a higher level and better shield has less chance!

    The percentage is a random roll that is not related to item level. The same thing happens with Bracer of Mastery; you can pull a really high level BoM with relatively low %. The saddest part is that there is no way to increase the percentage. You just have to keep crafting until you get the roll that you want.


    • ssjwoods
      ssjwoods commented
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      I'm not paranoid or anything :P however I swear the game watches me to see what I need just to make sure I use all my resources chasing the dream of a level 77 item. Finally just to mock me the game gave me one when it noticed I had used my celestial transforms.

    • jcochran
      jcochran commented
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      Just asking to make sure that you're sure.
      Won't a Celestial Transform increase the stats to near perfect?
      And won't a Celestial Orb also increase a stat (slowly) until it's perfect?

      The Celestial Orb approach is slow but steady, although expensive method from what I can see from its description:

      Permanently increase an attribute of your choice on one of items by a small amount. The resulting value cannot exceed the maximum amount.

      Cost: 500K Gold, 100 Mark of Titans, 30 of each Spirit (War, Primal, Living, Harmony, Haunting), 100 Silver Dust.

      So it seems to me that if you manage to roll a level 77 item that actually has the named attributes you desire (regardless of their actual values), you could apply a Celestial Transform to it from an ANB event to get the values near perfect. Then slowly increase its attributes to perfect via repeated applications of Celestial Orbs.

    • Bali_Lenni
      Bali_Lenni commented
      Editing a comment really does seem like the game is watching and testing one's willpower sometimes, happened to me on my very first ANB 77 weapon to CT and take home: had to pull all the strings, selling apples and gemstones and farming to the very last second to juuuust make fhat last craft which happenned to be the good one...

      Please note that the Orbs will increase only the stats, but not the special effect %age.

      To stock up on 77s during ANBs, Phytia is your best friend and helper....

    What Ozy says is correct, there is no way to increase the effect. A CT or CO are means of increasing atttributes.



      The % chance for an item ability is like an enchantment. It is or it isn't. It's not a roll. It's part of the item, as a Unique ability, and there when choosing the item in list. As such there is nothing to reforge and should not be subject to change except by reducing, or increasing, the item quality. Uncommon is lower than a Rare. Rare is lower than an Epic. Epic is lower than a Legendary. Full stop.

      For example any Unique Trinket special is reduced by item quality. Go and check it. They are ALWAYS the same. Everytime you open up the Unique Trinket crafting screen the damage and %s will be the same.

      Therefore for a Legendary Encrypted Shield to have a lower % Chace of Absorb than an Epic must be an error when coding the item -or- something reeking of conspiracy.

      Errors in the item descriptions are certainly possible. For instance go and read the BOM special abilities available description on the crafting screen. It is missing the word 'of'.

      Also as a supporting argument: Another of my toons has a found Leg ES with 50% Absorb chance (which is as expected 10% than the Epic). So why is the one I crafted back at 30% absorb chance (10% less than the Epic)?


        1. The special effect bonus going down by a set amount when you decrease the quality of trinkets is a trinket thing. Belts do not have the same thing happening.

        2. The Encrypted Shield predates trinkets by years and even predates crafting.

        Yes, there are things that are dependent upon the quality of the piece like the maximum damage for weapons goes up as the quality goes up. Is still possible to get a Epic with a higher base than a Legendary because there are ranges to the values.

        The Encrypted Shield bonus is random. Whether or not the range is higher for Legendaries than it is for Epic, I do not know and honestly really am not worried about it enough to go investigating.

        Just remember that the old gear pieces behave rather differently than the newer gear pieces.

        If you are annoyed by an Encrypted Shield? You are gonna love crafting a Bracer of Mastery.

        By the way, unique capes are the same way as Encrypted Shields.


        • RavenSirius
          RavenSirius commented
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          As a new player there is no difference between new and old item styles... they're all new to me

          That being said, at what point are shields, bracers, capes etc. Given their special roll %s? Like, is it when you select it, when open the crafting menu, when you speak to Ingrid, when you log in...? That is, where does one need to back out to in able to change the random roll?
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        • Tin Man
          Tin Man commented
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          RavenSirius, you know what the value for the effect will be when the item is crafted. You do not see the value until the crafted item appears.

        Shield warriors discussion? Nice erm. I start a SW build with an ES. Long time ago. Then replace it with a BS. More better. Dunno why??

        Hv a nice day

        Shield warrior Lover i'm afraid