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Shield Warrior farming

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    Shield Warrior farming

    So this ANB I decided to see what I could do with a SW. Well...much better than I expected. I'm only in the veterans league, but will be making the jump to masters once I get my fully CTed SW completed. Playing only as a File Lily SW, I managed to achieve CL 1929, farm over 10mil in gold, >240MoTs and lots of mats, and 150 synergy lvl. My best TL times were 52s for 105, 1m18s for 110, 2m23s for 115(first and only run), still in xp gear. Using all the boosters except 2gold, and had gem purchased the boosters and green mat boxes. Didn't keep track of gem spend or harvest, but I would say I spent less than 2500(still some reforging to do). The crafting gods were kind in bestowing upon me a lvl 76 BG Resolve with perfect armor, so that was a big help, plus a BoM with 95% Deadly Throw damage. I also got two Lvl 71s in the first "bag" but pythia has been working well, especially since I cleared out all the fill in suggestions. The past few events I could only get to craft 18, then the old "check your crafts" left me guessing. With more crafting to do and 49mins left for push, I'll see what kind of build I can muster and TL 119 smashtime I can get.
    I also wanted to give a big thanks and round of applause to the entire team here at Eternium. Not only do they have their collective plates full with their other projects, they are still actively working on keeping this version interesting and different, even on the old Marmalade engine. Granted there's been some glitches and hiccups, but you can't please all the people all the time. Again, thanks for keeping this one of a kind gaming experience fun and amazing

    Those are damn decent clearing times, and it proves that less popular builds can be as effective and enjoyable as the current META, when played properly. Good result with a reasonable gem budget: it looks like you made the best of it.

    On a side note, I heartily agree with your commendation.


      Yeah. Been playing mage for a while, but decided to go back to the original toon I started with. Got a lot better grasp on the game since I started playing last year in October, when I was just looking for a time killer on my phone and had no idea what this game involved. Thanks to the guides here, although some a bit dated, and YouTube vids I've certainly become a much better player.

      On a side note..."Khhhaaaaaaaannn!!!"


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        Granted, guides are so few and so old... YouTube content like Mr Spooner's is precious for new players; because of the lack of documentation, it's like finding an oasis in the middle of the desert: for the very few people that got there (because Eternium ain't Minecraft, after all), it's pure delight.

      Oh, yes. Wispys' vids were of some great assistance. As far as my end result I had 2m11s TL119 clear time. Funny thing is, it was my first run in a cave map and Garm spawned in a perfect nook in a wall. I was so focused on just keeping it there and got stunned twice, so my time might have been better. Got 38th place, I think, and like 9th best 119 clear. Had to spend a few extra gems for my second lvl 77, on my 109th craft, but had a blast trying something different. Good gaming in the upcoming gold, all