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    Hi there.
    I know the discussion is closed. But I want to put an end point here.
    Crime is intent and guilt. In the case of Eugeny, there is no guilt. Do you know, why? Because he made this ring at the event. I repeat, he made this ring at the event, and did not transfer it from his main character. He did not get any benefit at the event !!! And in his fault that because of the bug this ring was duplicated on the main character?
    For narrow-minded, I repeat 3 times. This ring was copied from the event hero to the main character, and not vice versa.
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      Originally posted by rifLeR View Post

      That is exactly what I mean by words of template opinion. Good bye, boy. You can't say something new or something reasonable.
      Since you're wanting the benefit of the doubt, I'll give the same to you by way of an explanation - there may be a translation issue. Calling people "boy" repeatedly is condescending. Defending one's actions is not the time to be (or be perceived to be) condescending.
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