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    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned in other posts, but I need to ask about this. My understanding is that when crafting Legendary quality armor, you are allowed only four attribute slots (power, vitality, etc). However, looking at the top of the leaderboards I've noticed that several members have characters with five-attribute armor, in addition to the gemstone. How do you get that extra attribute? Is there a legitimate way to get that, or are people hacking the game?

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      Kev the Gamer Fifth attribute can have Celestial item only. You need Celestial Transform to make the item Celestial. The only legitimate way to get CT is to join ANB event and get it as reward for finishing trial 90 first and 110 second - total 2 pieces per ANB event.
      That fifth attribute is always Vitality.
      Celestial item is bounded to the hero who created it - this means that any another hero cannot use it.

      Also see this thread:
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        Seba Thank you for the info. Also, I was checking the link provided, and I'm curious how you get level 77 weapons and armor. The highest I've gotten is 74 and I have lv 50 crafting. Is it just luck?
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          The more you craft, the better your chance of getting higher level gear. Not uncommon for players to drop 3-5M in gold and hundreds of GEs trying to craft a decent L77 or L76. That is in regular play. If you check some of the old posts on high level gear you'll see that sometimes players made dozens of crafts or more and didn't get anything above an L75. Others have managed to get an L77 on their 2nd or 3rd attempt, at that time.
          You have a better chance and it's cheaper to craft high level gear during ANB. Only issue there is if you do craft a really great piece, you have to make sure you can earn a CT so you can keep it after ANB.
          Oh, and the answer to your last question. YES, completely, if you are an honest player.