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Proposed ANB changes draft #1 [discussion]

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    Or even better an ANB soon?


      Fifthed, for both heads up on changes and starting A New Beginning.


        To infinitied and beyond!

        Will I have to pay a royalty for that?


          Adrian (Developer) et al: Guys, i have really enjoyed the last two ANBs (Bronze and Silver 4). Crafting is now a viable option in these events and makes them much more enjoyable to play. The two C-transforms are a great and fair reward. Really, these last two ANBs have been the best so far. Great job!
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          • mahara
            mahara commented
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            Arawn That's why i wrote most of the RNG. Right now you can have pretty much whole legendary set at 73-74 lvl. With that it's quite easy to get to TL 100 even in gold and to have some decent placement on LB.

          • MetalMan
            MetalMan commented
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            Guys, how do you get multiple attempts during "initial set crafting"? 4 hours into Silver I am CL 200 and TL50, but I barely had enough Essences to craft a single "Integralas Mantle"... What am I doing wrong?

          • Fish knife
            Fish knife commented
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            MetalMan you aren't doing anything wrong! You just need to spend gems on buying crafting materials from Ruby in order to have plenty of crafting attempts....

          Are war supplies a thing of the past with the new format?
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          • Travis | Support Mgr.
            Travis | Support Mgr. commented
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            Not necessarily. There's also a new type of event in the works.

          • Keaven
            Keaven commented
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            Sounds interesting...

          I've just noticed another positive side effect of the new crafting system in ANB. It encourages you to switch classes! Up to now I always played a shield warrior in events. If everything goes according to plan, after ANB Gold my main warrior should be fully equipped with high level gear. So, to take full advantage of ANB crafting, I'll switch to a mage or BH in the next ANB round.

          Well done devs, I really like that!
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          • Montresor
            Montresor commented
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            completely agree. i'd always played a regalia mage & with the two pieces i kept from bronze i now have an arcanist set that has pushed my considerably higher on the season leaderboard than i was able to do with ELR.

            in silver i'm playing warrior which i never play and trying out the warlord gear .... although with somewhat less success than my mage hahaha. but, still super fun.

            this in fact was one of the major drawbacks i thought of Eternium in general - once you start climbing the leaderboards, it becomes prohibitively expensive to try any other gear set due to number of tries it takes to get good gear and the sheer volume of grinding it takes to get enough resources to craft that many times. this version of ANB really changes that dymanic & I think it's great.

          ANB so much fun and i want more events like ANB.
          Finished tl 100 and could not be more happier that i was able to obtain to 2 CTs.