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ANB Silver #5 - Final Leaderboards

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    ANB Silver #5 - Final Leaderboards

    Heroes, here are the final leaderboards for ANB Silver#5

    I'm also going to post all ranks in a text table format below.

    Enjoy the rewards! Hope you had a great time playing this event and have reached your personal goals.

    Medals are sent!

    We're still working on getting ranks 250, 500 and 1000 added to the table. We were working hard on the latest update and this became a low priority, especially now with the new issues discovered.

    Gold ANB was postponed for a while to both let users get used to the new items and to take the time to iron out the new major/critical bugs.

    Okay, so I know the following information is not relevant for medals but it will allow for comparisons between events.

    #1000 Ranked Heroes:

    Bounty Hunter - Dore, TL 81, 8:55
    Mage - Greg, TL 50, 7:45
    Warrior - Tiporei, TL 60, 4:07

    Number of Participants (Final Total for Class, # of Removals)

    Bounty Hunter - 4312, 121
    Mage - 2849, 185
    Warrior - 2907, 50

    A couple of observations.

    1. No matter how you slice it, seems that bounty hunters are the most competitive.
    2. Since the medals were only awarded to the Top 500, I assume that they only cleaned the leaderboard to establish the final Top 500. The removals are 2,7% of the bounty hunters, 6,1% of the mages and 1,7% of the warriors. So, you have the greatest chance to go up in the rankings after the event ends with a mage. Seems that the player that was ranked #685 when the ANB finished actually ended up with a medal with a final ranking of #500.

    Congrats to everyone!
    My Eternium Data Files Can Be Found Here:

    Eternium Files

    Trial Level Unlock Updated: 2020-05-27
    All Hero Type Abilities Updated: 2020-05-02

    Please let me know if you find any obsolete information or errors. I also welcome suggestions for presentation or content.


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      Great summary! Thanks Tin Man for keeping track of the details on this event. Looks like a good time to play Mage again; unless everyone else decides to switch over as well.