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Early access balancing changes - August 2021

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    Mage: Fireball buggy?

    Another point i recognized: Fireballs description does still say: Ignites enemies for 30% weapon damage (instead of 150%, as it should be after buffs). I am not sure, if this is just a tooltip error, and if the values are buffed, or if the buffs didnt come throught here. Version 1.5.73


      Edit to Apprentice Vestments:

      The Set bonus for 4 pieces: Get a shield by 50% is still its old value of 25% against monsters. Against Bossmonsters it is significantly lower, arround ~5%

      The 2 pieces Set bonus +840 crit really works as I should do! You get your +840 crit.

      In its current state this set is still a meme equippment set. In ANB Gold it took me arround 8 min to clear Tl 86 with this set. Whith same item stats on a regalia equipment set it would have taken me ~ 2 min to clear the same trial.

      In my opinion this set does need more as just a bugfix on setboni 4 & 6 to be viable. Much more buffs! One option of indirct buffing would be really simple: Just swap the bonus 4 (shield) and bonus 6 (immolate)! This way you could play 4x Apprentice Vestments and 2x Regalia. This set does desperately need the 2 pice setbonus of the Regalia set (500% dmg on Immolate and Fireball Meteor). Maybe with this dmg buff AND the Rank 50 Immolate it COULD be viable. 500% Fireball Meteor would be a great bonus on top too. This way a pure firemage with death from above, Sash of Igniter, Fireball and Summoned Immolate really could be a thing!


        Are we gonna see any futher update? I still believe the assault set needs some love.
        plus i would love to see an option to trade with friends. My sister has come back to the game aftet 4 years and shes really behind. I wish i could give her a hand to speed things up a bit. I feel like the gap between the new starters and old players is massive and can throw some people away from the game.
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        • davidz
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          I think it’s so much fun to gain gold, xp and some 77 gears by playing anb and seasons. I think one thing is to up the craft level to master first, everything else is pure fun.

        • Nhat
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          Teebs Feels I should "qualify" the "can provide" list... pushing past TL100 is still a tricky thing for most, yeah I know I'm bad, but hopefully I'm not that completely helpless and hope to still be within the "mid-range" of players out there... So that last CT and 35 Glory per ANB can be "tricky"... just saying...

          I do agree that there is a clear "perceived" gap between a new player and the existing "veterans" - as is in almost all games, no one expects to start out on par with someone who have been playing for 2+ years, and it would also be unfair to expect such "equality". What I have seen in Eternium is that, with enough knowledge and planning, new players can quickly catch up and get close to those long-term players and I've seen my share of new players completely flying past me too, haha. Once you reach the "upper-level" of the game, the gains get significantly slower...

          A conservative approach is needed, you're looking at working out your game-plan, what works for you and then follow through... gear wise, conservative aim of 4 ANB cycles (gaining 1 CT each), to fully fit out your Push gear, doing your exp farming and crafting during those ANB and Gems farming with main...

        • Teebs
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          Your assessment is far more accurate and realistic than mine, I probably should have put in "theoretically can provide ..."

          And I agree with the "conservative game plan" - though I think both your conclusion and mine are the same - that playing the game is the way that you learn how to play the game.

          ... KTB

        Stormcaller Regalia feedback after .73 version.

        First off, I want to say that this set is in a much better position now. Just today I did TL159 with it and probably TL160 is also doable. So, improving event horizon performance and giving the DR debuff made a big difference. 5TL's so far to be exact. But there are still a few things what needs attention.

        1. If you would switch off the "Immune" floating texts while being immune to damage, then that would improve the performance a lot and would fix, what we call a "bubblecrash", once you get the bubble from FK set and those texts start to float, the game is prone to crash, due to the critical FPS plummet. Just make that text also be switched off when floating text it off and it will most likely fix the situation.

        2. We suggested to put the damage reduction debuff from event horizon to Lightning struck. That was mainly, because having it on event horizon made the FPS issue even worse than it was and Lightning struck seemed a better option. It has turned out that it isn't. The issue is the 30% chance to proc from blizzard. On a bossfight, especially on those who move a lot, it is hard to proc it and even on static ones there are situations where it does not come on for the whole blizzard cast. The idea of the RNG, for lightning struck, isnt the issue, that part is fine, but the damage reduction debuff not proccing is a big issue because you still cant rely on it nor keep it up 100% if needed. Additionally it is also currently broken, because the lighting struck procced from belt, does not give damage reduction. My proposal is to put the damage reduction part to casting blizzard and have it proc every time when blizzard is doing damage. This would also fix the issue with the belt giving the LS without the DR debuff.

        So the new 2 piece bonus would look like this:
        When a target receives damage from your blizzard, it reduces the damage dealt by 50% for 5 seconds and there is a 30% chance to be hit by lightning for 3000% weapon damage. Targets hit become lightning struck, increasing all damage taken by 100% for 5 seconds.


          Not sure if they changed something in the recent Steam patch, but the Apprentice Vestment Set is still buggy.