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Early access balancing changes - August 2021

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    Not sure if they changed something in the recent Steam patch, but the Apprentice Vestment Set is still buggy.


      I have a suspicion that Arcanist set 2 piece bonus is not working at all in arena now.

      It is nearly impossible to prove properly other than just going by the gut feeling but this is what I have observed.

      I'm using currently frostbolt, it does 600% damage and 1800% when the target is frozen.
      Arcane bolts do normally 150% damage per missle, so its 900% total. With the Arcanist 2 piece set bonus it should do also 1800% damage, but it doesn't.

      I reforged all my frost to arcane, used similar bracer bonus and I should see the same damage as FB is doing, while the target is frozen, but I say that it does about half of it. So the only thing to suspect, is that the 2 piece bonus is not working at all.


        Late feedback: ASSAULT GEAR.

        I just made a new set and wanted to test the Assault gear on bountyhunter. I used 2 Tesla guns lvl 76 legendary, and a set of 3 lvl 77 assault items (1 celest), rest of the set was lvl 72-74. I have a Bracer of mastery lvl 74 with Scatter Shot 197% dmg. Lvl 73 Molten belt. Trinkets were lvl 77 and 75, Jewelery is with perfect stats Crit/crit damage/Power/haste. Integralas Mantle lvl 77.
        Focus was on scatter shoot with physical damage bonus and rapid fire + multi shoot + smoke screen. Tracer ammo for molten belt, Charged ammo for tesla set and pathfinder to boost scatter even more. Crit build with Charm of Qol.
        CL 2159.
        I tested TL 130.
        Conclusion: I had literally NO DAMAGE. I have no idea why. With a similar Item level on 4 Havoc/2 Demolish the monsters do literally explode. I couldn´t even test the boss monster, because i could not finish the mob phase in time. Onliest positive point was: I was quite tanky due to the bonus stats of set bonus 2. But what is the point of good tankyness, if mobs feel MUCH tankier than you?
        Actually I did expect extremely high damage of Scatter shot combined with melting of mobs when using rapid fire and charged ammo with all those multipliers. But It did not work. I had like 80 mio damage per shoot, which is literally nothing.
        This set does need MUCH more love or new mechanics to be viable.
        I hope that this balance step is not the final step and further changes will be done.

        Feedback for Havoc:
        this set does feel really nice. You have lower damage vs boss monsters compared to stalker´s set, but the mob phase feels much better. Now the BH does really have good AOE damage with this build, which feels really nice to play. Good job with balancing this set! A good step into more diversity.

        I do really hope that some further work will be done into balancing the sets, who do still need some love (like Assault or the buggy Apprentice set of Mages). The sets that recieved good changes feel really nice and motivate me to keep playing this game and trying something new. Good work with that!


        • VnHoan
          VnHoan commented
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          Pla note that tracer armor only work with explosive shot. You cant make it work with scatter shot. But even use another posive skills, damage of assault set is not enough for trail.

        • Schmutzus
          Schmutzus commented
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          Of course I do use Amulet of Quol, so that I do get my Tracer stacks for Molten Belt. But it is still by far not enought damage. I could not even kill the minions in TL 130

        Is work on these areas bound to resume anytime soon?
        Theoretical Modding
        (because tweaking numbers won't be enough)


        • Travis | Support Mgr.
          Travis | Support Mgr. commented
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          I've made a note to check up on this at our next meeting.