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Release notes 1.5.70 - 1.5.73

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    Release notes 1.5.70 - 1.5.73

    General - 1.5.70

    • Block Rating now uses up 25% less item budget. This results on items with the Block Rating stat having a higher quantity of stat.
    • Brooch of Vampirism now increases the amount of Life Regeneration by 15000 while active, up from 5000.
    • Brooch of the Stormcaller now deals 25000% weapon damage, up from 10000% weapon damage.


    • Shield Slam now deals damage equal to 1000% of the shield Armor value, up from 600%.
    • Deadly Throw now adds 150% of shield Armor value when a shield is equipped, up from 100%; Deadly Throw also inflicts a bleeding effect for 2000% weapon damage when a melee weapon is equipped in the offhand slot, up from 1000% weapon damage.
    • Battle Rage (rank 10) now increases all damage dealt by the Warrior by 30%, up from 20%.
    • Shockwave now deals 1100% weapon damage + 100% weapon damage per ability rank. In addition, Shockwave rank 5 or higher now heals the Warrior for 100% of their maximum life over 10 seconds, up from 60% over 6 seconds, stacking up to two times.
    • Warlord 6 pieces set bonus - Damage dealt to low health targets is now increased by 200%, up from 100%.
    • Juggernaut’s Battlegear 2 pieces set bonus - Frenzy now increases Critical Damage by 100% per application, stacking up to 5 times, instead of increasing Critical Rating.
    • Juggernaut’s Battlegear 4 pieces set bonus - Whirlwind and Shockwave now deal 70% more damage, up from 30%.
    • Juggernaut’s Battlegear 6 pieces set bonus - Casting Devastate now grants the Warrior 2100 Power for 6 seconds, up from 1400.
    • Fury Battlegear 4 pieces set bonus - Tornadoes spawned by Whirlwind now deal 10000% weapon damage, up from 8000%.
    • Fury Battlegear 6 pieces set bonus - Using Charge or Leap now also increases the Warrior’s Power by 500 for 6 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.
    Bounty Hunter

    • Tracer Ammo now increased the physical damage component of Explosive Shot by an additional 12% per stack.
    • Explosive Shot area of effect damage component now deals 1200% weapon damage, up from 600%, and the radius of the area effect is now 30% larger.
    • Magnetic Trap damage increased to 3700% weapon damage + 700% per rank of the ability, up from 4000% at rank 10.
    • Frozen Trap damage increased to 880% weapon damage + 80% per rank of the ability every second, up from 440% + 40% per rank.
    • Scatter Shot damage increased to 110% weapon damage + 10% weapon damage per rank, up from 88% + 8%.
    • Demolitionist 2 pieces set bonus - Stick Bombs now deal 3000% weapon damage, up from 2000%. In addition, the PPM of Stick Bombs has been increased to 45, up from 30.
    • Demolitionist 6 pieces set bonus - Lethal Shot now deals 100% more damage per stack of Stick Bomb, up from 50%.
    • Havoc 2 pieces set bonus - Missiles fired as a result now deal 5000% weapon damage, up from 500%.
    • Havoc 4 pieces set bonus - The damage of traps, missiles and explosives is now increased by 100%, up from 45%.
    • Assault 2 pieces set bonus - Scatter Shot now fires 8 additional projectiles, up from 5.
    • Assault 4 pieces set bonus - Life and Armor are now increased by 25%, up from 10%.
    • Tesla Armaments set bonus - Multishot now increases the damage deals by Charged Shots by 600%, up from 150%.
    • Igniters set bonus - Tracer Ammo can now stack 10 times, up from 5.

    • Fireball burn damage dealt increased to 150% weapon damage, up from 30%.
    • Belt of Arcane Shielding - Deflect rating doubled.
    • Arcanist Vestments 6 pieces set bonus - triggering the effect now only requires 7 Shards of Frozen Time down from 10, but the effect now only grants 70% damage reduction down from 90%.
    • Eridanus, Greatstaff of the Magi - the Ripple effect now deals 10000% weapon damage, up from 4000%.
    • Stormcaller Regalia 6 pieces set bonus - Targets affected by the Event Horizon now deal 50% less damage for 5 seconds.
    • Apprentice Vestments 2 pieces set bonus - Critical Rating now increased by 840.
    • Apprentice Vestments 4 pieces set bonus - The change to gain a protective shield has been increased to 50%.
    • Apprentice Vestments 6 pieces set bonus - Immolate created by the set is now rank 50.

    Level Design

    The second act levels have been redesigned to improve their appeal and visual quality.

    Balancing changes in 1.5.72
    • Tracer Ammo now properly increase Explosive Shot damage by an additional 12%
    • Fury 6 pieces and Juggernaut 2-set bonuses are now shown in the hero buff list
    • Fixed a bug causing Cosmic Ripple to deal no damage
    • Fixed a bug causing Belt of Arcane Shielding to upgrade erratically
    • Optimized the visual effects and logic for the Stormcaller mage set to reduce lag when fighting hordes of monsters
    • Arcanist damage reduction increased in PvE
    • Increased Shockwave damage from bleed to 20x
    • Warrior innate armor gain per level increased to 120 from 60. Warrior passive HP increased by 30%, up from 20%
    • Moved the damage reduction effect from the Event Horizon to the Lightning Struck debuff
    • Radius of Cosmic Ripple has been greatly increased (tripled)
    • Greatly increased the radius at which Time Warp affects enemies
    • Demolitionist 2 set bonus: chance to proc the sticky bombs has been increased to 75/minute.
    • Demolitionist 6 set bonus: now also increases the damage of Explosive Shot
    • Havoc 4 set bonus: damage increased to 200%, up from 100%
    • Havoc 6 set bonus: number of missiles increased to 9
    • Arcanist 6 set bonus damage reduction increased to 80% in PvE and reduced to 60% in PvP
    • Arcanist 6 set bonus damage increase raised to 400% in PvE and reduced to 100% in PvP
    • Arcanist 2 set bonus increased to 200% in PvE
    • Cosmic Ripple damage type is now Arcane
    • Defender 2 set bonus is now also triggered by Whirlwind
    • Defender 4 set bonus: damage increased to 400%
    • Defender 6 set bonus: now 100% of block rating is gained as power (up from 50%)
    • Blackguard Armaments set bonus: the trigger threshold is now 50%.
    • Fixed the "Not a bridge again" quest
    Bugfixes 1.5.73:
    • Fixed the "Not a bridge again" quest. Again.

    Thank you for your support and have fun!

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