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    After a few ANBs, now, seeing literally the same result time and again, I have to admit to being perhaps more than a bit frustrated. I'm in the highest bracket for each event/season, even though I've only earned a couple of medals. When I look at the leaderboards, I see guys with stacks of each and every medal, but I have no way of competing for those, or achieving the same results, because it gives a huge head start especially at the very start, when even small stats mean a lot. I know, some guys have worked for quite some time to earn these, and should be able to use them, but how can someone who doesn't have them even dream to compete with that? I recommend a slightly different approach... If someone has 5, 10, or 30 of each, don't make me have to try to beat that. if I only have 2 or 3. I don't mind competing with someone with the same number of medals, but it's simply not fair to expect me to match or even come close to someone with stacks and stacks of all 6. Leaderboards should account for this somehow, by comparing me with gamers who've made similar progress, not those who've played since the game's inception.


    • Apoc
      Apoc commented
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      You say that medals don't have a big impact, but I would argue that they most certainly do, diminishing returns for the highest level trial or not. Here's why:

      Top position on my ANB Gold leaderboard, Abin, completed Trial level 180 in 9:10, has the following (187 total medals):
      Fortitude level 33 for +474 armor
      Glory level 23 for +96 power
      Heroism level 32 for +57 crit rating and +46.5% crit damage
      Knowledge level 33 for +47% experience and extra gold
      Tenacity level 33 for +116 vitality
      Vigor level 33 for +58 haste and +232 life on hit

      Tenth position, Koreaerok, completed Trial level 164 in 8:58, has the following (147 total medals):
      Fortitude level 39 for +536 armor
      Glory level 3 for +35 power
      Heroism level 9 for +33 crit rating and +27.8% crit damage
      Knowledge level 25 for +39% experience and extra gold
      Tenacity level 42 for +134 vitality
      Vigor level 29 for +54 haste and +216 life on hit

      My character starts off with:
      Fortitude level 5 for +135 armor
      Glory level 0 for +0 power
      Heroism level 0 for +0 crit rating and +0% crit damage
      Knowledge level 0 for +0% experience and extra gold
      Tenacity level 2 for +30 vitality
      Vigor level 0 for +0 haste and +0 life on hit

      Maybe that means very little for the highest trial level, just as you say, but that's not all there is to this. Consider the time saved getting to max level and then running speed trials to farm crafting mats, experience and gold. If you factor all of that in, especially starting out, I would argue that it is, in fact, a very big difference, and given that, it also affects how high a person can push in a timed event such as an ANB. Don't just think endgame pushing only. It's the entire process that's impacted.

      Also, what do you mean by a full stack of medals? I don't see how they stop, given the examples I've shown. And I can't really choose a lower league, because it's based on the highest Trial I've cleared, so I don't control that.
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    • Splendor
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      Medals have some impact at the start of anb but honestly, even with 0 medals it's possible to level to 70 in 10-15 minutes, at which point any bonus from medals has already become almost negligible and the most important factors are skill and knowledge of how to farm efficiently, most efficiently use your resources/time etc.
      I started playing a little over a year ago and it didn't take long before I could consistently finish top 25 or better in anb and top 50 in season. So I would argue that it is very possible to start from scratch in this game and still be able to compete with veteran players.
      Again, skill and knowledge are the 2 most important factors, medals do give a small advantage at the beginning of anb but that small advantage is not what is preventing other players from also earning medals.
      I suggest you try to learn more about the game and how to improve your own gameplay before assuming that the only reason you're not having success is because of lack of medals. Try joining Discord and learning from veteran players there or simply read many of the useful guides and posts here on this forum.
      I would be willing to bet that if all players started anb with 0 medals the standings would look almost identical, and that again, is coming from a player who started with 0 medals not that long ago and still managed to compete with veterans with far more medals.

    • Kristoff
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      Apologies for my unsolicited two cents, but I just wanted to share my own experiences playing this game.

      I've been a casual, off-again on-again player for many years. Until several months ago, I had no medals and maybe just a few hundred CLs. Then I participated in an ANB on a whim and got my butt handed to me.

      So I studied guides by top players like Romme and bojck , watched their videos, got advice from Romme, bojck , UmbraDei , Ozymandius , Nhat , Kardinaal , Heikki Gross , Arawn , Grand_Wazoo , TheExorcist and so many others (forgive me if I forgot to mention anyone). I also went through many of LodWig 's helpful tables and charts.

      I managed to reach the leaderboards in my next ANB. Now, I can usually make it to the top 250 if I plan properly and make the most of my limited schedule. Sometimes I reach the top 100, and the last ANB gold before this one, my final rank was 51.

      Most of this was achieved with the right class selection, and preparation. To beat more powerful foes, Batman needs to do his homework, and so do you if you want to rank in an ANB.

      I'm at least two to three decades older than most players here, and I only use a mobile device, so I already have two big disadvantages. I've chosen warrior to make up for my slower reflexes and the reduced damage and ability execution time on my device (clicking keys is faster than drawing signs). I don't need to dodge hits the way BHs and mages do, plus mages get a big benefit from PCs because there, they can vortex and frostbeam at the same time.

      My accomplishments come from a lot of learning and effort, and I'm far from being a top, or even good player. Strip away all the medals, and I can pretty much guarantee that people like Splendor , Hegemony , and most of the other players I've mentioned above will probably still rank much higher than either you or I because they put much more time and effort into the game, or their abilities are just that good.

      But don't lose hope. Do what I did and see what happens. It was amazing how much higher I was able to climb after watching some of Romme's videos and altering my playing style accordingly, and I still learn so much every time I play and interact with this great community of people.

    Apoc I can guarantee that all the stats missing in the gear below greatly outweighs the stats you dont have from medals. These arent cts, it's rare gear (2 stats).

    The truth is medals don't really impact your push potential. Maybe 1-2TL if anything, like UmbraDei mentioned above.
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      Ok, and thank you all for your feedback. I now understand that I must be doing something wrong, but not sure exactly what. I mean, in the past couple of ANBs, I've managed to get into top 250, but it doesn't feel like I'm pushing right, somehow.

      Splendor Let's start with the 1-70 'speed' bit, which let's just say takes me much more than 10-15 min. I'm doing what it says in the forums to do for ANB events, running through Act I as fast as possible, to get the stock companions (usually about level 20 by then, I think), and then running trials as quickly as possible to get to 70. So, is there a guide you know of or could point (i.e. link) me to, that shows how to do this more quickly? I've been navigating the forums for days and not found anything current or more useful, yet.

      Kristoff where do I find the guides you mentioned? I read through an outdated BH guide from UmbraDei, but that was from before the last patch which buffed Havoc/Demo set combo. Any actual links would be most appreciated.

      Romme I'm not sure I see your point from the screen captures you've shared. I look at the BH leaderboard for the current ANB Gold, and the top 50 all have legendary gear in all slots, not rare gear like you've showed. I'm still not convinced that it's a minimal impact by this.

      I've managed to push a Trial 139 by end of last season, but that's still a far cry from what some of these guys seem to do in a single ANB.


      • Splendor
        Splendor commented
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        The fastest way to get to 70 is actually to buy a 200% exp booster and craft exp gear immediately after the first map, recraft it every 10 levels or so, and hit trials as soon as you hit lvl 10, doing as few story maps as possible. If you can do trials fast enough (30-60 sec) getting to 70 in under 15 minutes isn't very difficult. A useful trick you can also use is to do daily quests on your main toon(s) and turn them in with your anb toon for extra exp and gold without using any time on your timer (but this trick isn't necessary for getting to 70 fast, it just helps).
        I'm not sure how up to date some of the posts on the forum are regarding anb but lots of good info is available on discord and players are always available to answer questions.
        As far as the screenshots from Romme, you'll notice that both the characters in the screenshots are wearing blue (2-stat rare) gear and those screenshots are from the previous anb silver leaderboard.

      • Romme
        Romme commented
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        The screenshots were from the last anb.

        The point is that 11 peices of gear have just 2 stats...
        just to make things simple let's say the average attribute gives you +100, easily more with some higher level gear... but that's 2200 missing stats. You aren't losing out anywhere close to that by not have medals.

        If players at this severe of a handicap can still rank high it goes to show game experience goes much further than having a bunch of medals.

      • Kristoff
        Kristoff commented
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        1. For the leaderboard rankings using only rare gear during the last silver ANB, some of the top players participated in the "Smurf Challenge." This meant that they had to limit themselves to rare (blue) gear only. Romme was showing you the results of that challenge, and if someone can reach those high TLs with so many missing stats, it does show that ability and experience count for more than the medals, because they basically more than negated the medal advantage.

        2. The guides I used were mainly for warrior, but even those are outdated now. However, if you read the old guides and then look at the leaderboards, it isn't hard to figure out what works. Yes, the stalker meta has been surpassed, so you just go with the current meta of 4 Havoc 2 Demo (make sure you use Havoc gloves and hood because those two pieces have extra bonuses). Torch and Firebug for guns, Heatseeker BoM if you really want to use one, Molten Belt and so on. For gold and XP farming, you just decide which stats you prefer to drop in favor of gold and XP depending on how you like to grind. The same with enchants and stats. Look at what the top players use and decide what works for you.

        3. This forum has a video section that is easy to find:

        You can also go to Youtube and just search for "Eternium," which will pull up a ton of videos by Romme, bojck and others.

        4. The basic play for BH can be summed up by something that I was taught in the Air Force: Speed is life. You have to keep moving to avoid getting hit because you can't tank like a warrior, although when you reach the really high TLs, even the best BH players have to accept dying as a fact of life. You can still kill the boss in time, though, if you pump in enough sticky bomb attacks and such before you kick the bucket, because (please correct me if I'm wrong UmbraDei LodWig Hegemony ) I think that stuff carries through even after you resurrect.

        5. Learn the boss attack patterns. Watching the videos helped, but what really made me learn was doing the actual boss fights. Figure out the best spots to spawn Garm so his damage and healing circles overlap. Get a feel for the ranges and timing of their attacks so you can stay just out of range and then immediately jump in with a counterattack.

        6. Players like UmbraDei even have suggestions on further refining attack techniques to maximize the effect of buffs and debuffs. I've seen them here and in the Eternium Reddit sub. Doing a combined search for "UmbraDei" and "Eternium" will probably bring them up.

        Above all, have fun! This is a game. If you're not having fun, then you're probably doing something wrong.

        Good luck!

      Well, 3 ANBs and nearly a full season later, I still feel that medals give quite an advantage, but I guess that's just the perk of having competed at the highest levels for longer as well. I've seen some players get high on the leader board without medals, but I still feel it's a big advantage simply because of the boost you get through every level, 1-70 and then grinding higher through champion points.

      Pushing highest trial level may give only one or two trial levels in the end, but if you consider every bit of advantage up to that point as well, to me it's considerable. That said, though, I've managed to do some gem farming and I inefficiently ran this ANB Gold, which still has 4 days plus remaining. But I've managed to push a trial 140 in under 7 min for a temporary 15th place on the interim leader board. I'm sure that'll not even be top 100 by the end of the ANB because there is still a lot of time left if used right, but at least I feel I've been able to do more than in past ANBs, and maybe I can at least get a medal from this gold by ending in the top 250. I guess we'll see.


        Hi there, I still didn't get medals from last season. I was n. 380. Why?


        • Travis | Support Mgr.
          Travis | Support Mgr. commented
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          Keep in mind that the Pulse leaderboards are are player owned and operated. They are NOT official leaderboards.

        • Riccardo
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          Hi Travis of corse I know. But it is taking a lot of time this time. I'm quite sure to got medals, but I wondering myself if it's worth it. Thanks

        Riccardo, if you mean the most recent Gold ANB, typically it takes longer for medals to be rewarded in my experience. I believe they have to weed out anyone who didn't win them fairly.


          Probably too late again to make a difference yet always like to give feedback.

          Now that this ANB has completed and the Season is about to end, I was trying to understand which Leaderboard I was on and why. It seems that I am a Master which is far from how I feel.
          I think I am still a Newbie, something less than a Veteran. This is my first full season and like 3/4 ANB but just now getting the hang of thing (thank you Tin Man, Hegemony and many others who post videos, guides and suggestions).

          Along the Apoc dialogue, medals may not make much difference but they sure do separate you great players from me. It is not the stats the medals provide but the level of skill and dedication required to achieve them. I earned a couple medals my first time out under the lower LB and then never again. I

          Adrian, I will still be working to improve but at some point being in the Big Boy category becomes defeating rather than an incentive.

          I think that TL is NOT the right divider but instead it should be medal count. Some hybrid mix of both TL and Medal count might be used. I just have not formula to offer at this time.

          p.s. is there a way to know who owns a toon?


          • Teebs
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            There is no veterancy split on the Season Leaderboard - it only applies to ANB.

            I don't know what class you are playing - but I would suggest that if your sole goal here is to earn medals from ANB, then probably try playing Mage - it is fairly easy to earn at least one - even in Gold Master.

            ... ktb

          • Tin Man
            Tin Man commented
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            Teebs The season leaderboard is not split like ANB leaderboards. However, have your regular heroes beat TL 120+ on the season leaderboard or when no leaderboard is active and your heroes will then be placed in the Master league. The splits are not evident outside of ANBs but the threshold triggers are very active.

          • Teebs
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            Tin Man ,

            "the threshold triggers are very active. [outside of ANB] "

            Point taken (and made).

            I get the sense the ANB Veterency Split applies to few people on the Forum though. It is a nice perk for early players - and I grant the Devs leeway in creating a more inviting atmosphere for new players. Because the result of gaining a medal in a lower league means a high likelihood of moving up prevents too much camping in the lower leagues. You can't really camp in the lower leagues and then also advance too much. It becomes kind of self-defeating (it seems to me anyway!)

            ... ktb

          ricklhall I just started a new account to play in Veteran league for a while just to keep from burning out, but I wouldn't loose hope after only one season. Most of us started out as newbies, and it took me many events and watching a lot of advice and helpful videos from experienced players to finally push into medal range.

          +1 on your suggestion that the dividing line between leagues should not boil down to a single metric like completing Trial 120. I would add using metrics like average gear level and how long a player has been competing. Like maybe you don't move up in your first year in the game.

          If you are trying to figure out who a player is, you might try the chat on Discord. There are experienced players who seem to have a way to peek behind the scenes. If they are highly ranked, you can probably figure out who they are.


            Perhaps the medals should be awarded according to category, i.e. Veteran, Contender and Masters (with a 'V' 'C' or 'M' marked on them) and are thus only available to compete with in that category. Once you get promoted a category then those medals from lower leagues are not available (or have a greatly reduced value?)...At least that way you won't have people with lots of red medals in higher leagues that are not earned or justifiable in those higher leagues This would be a lot fairer on the people in those higher leagues for whom such medals really are a Glorious Honour and are well and truly hard earned.


            • Teebs
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              There wasn't anyone in the Top 100 who didn't move up.

              You can't just sit at the lower league and collect a bunch of GLORIOUS medals.

              Everyone who got 2 Medals of Glory (equivalent to 30 Power) moved all the way into the Master League


              ... ktb
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            it seems to me a very good idea to separate the leaderboards, agree as a new player


              If I understand correctly, the use of an external keyboard on any device is the dividing line between PC and mobile classification for the LB split.
              If that's true, I'm mystified. I play mobile only. My tablet shows 19 fps in trials, sometimes worse, rarely better.

              Many discussions indicate high fps is a competitive advantage. I see vids on YouTube of Eternium trial defeats showing 60 fps.

              Using a cruddy micro keyboard would put me in competition on the PC LB, is that right? Thanks for any insights.


              • Teebs
                Teebs commented
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                This is why I do cross-platform play.

                I have a pokey Amazon tablet which I like to do basic stuff with (run story / gold farming / xp farming / crafting) and then push with my PC. Personally, I would much rather be shoved into the PC LB AND be able to do x-platform.

                A sub-$100 decade-old PC is way better (for me) than my sub-$100 tablet.

                ... ktb

              Silly Question...

              Could this work:

              * Make the association key\sign LB herobound , just like the Ct's _ if a hero clears a trial ANB/season @106 say or above with kb/mp then that hero is PC Leaderboard bound, but is still completely free to switch platforms
              (either a] this lock goes beyond season like CTs or b] TLs are reset at least ten TL downwards at the beginning of new season)
              _ that way everyone gets to choose themselves if they want a mobile only hero and which one, downside: choice would have to be made for existing heroes, but if well advertised in advance, could that be an acceptable compromise ?
              Backyard FireLily (gloriosa superba)


                Maybe I'm just a really bad player but in each ANB I can match or exceed the equipment and stats of the top ten and never get much past level 130. This is starting to feel like a carnival game buying softballs to knock down the bottles.


                • davidz
                  davidz commented
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                  The MMO can take a lot of time or money from you… it’s infinite. Eternium is quite controllable on the other hand.

                • Kristoff
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                  davidz The MMOs are definitely more P2W than this game, but there's still lots to do even if you don't want to spend.

                  The worlds are much more detailed, immersive and expansive, and there's more interaction with other players. It's really a very different animal from Eternium, and both games have their own benefits and attractions.

                • Kristoff
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                  Moriarty And are you using mobile or PC? My understanding is that with the exception of some super-talented players like Romme and Heikki Gross, to name a few, a majority of the top LB spots are taken up by PC players.

                  More powerful CPUs apparently equals more damage.