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    I am for leveling the playing field during anb and against the player grouping as veterans and novices.
    This upcoming Bronze is a mistake.


    • Jose Sarmento
      Jose Sarmento commented
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      What do you mean "leveling the playing field"?

    • Schmutzus
      Schmutzus commented
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      Why should this ANB Bronze be a mistake? Please, start this ANB! I am literally waiting for weeks now for an ANB. It has been 8 weeks until this day, since the last ANB has started. The waiting has become really frusting now.

    Personally, I think you are overthinking this. For ANB, if you want to have different “leagues” then keep it simple with just two. Presumably, the rewards will be less for the lower league. I think I hit 130ish in my second or third ANB, so I’m really not sure this change is even necessary.

    The PC/Mobile change is necessary. I think choosing platform at the outset of ANB is an acceptable strategy. For season, I would suggest that if you “Advance” in trials on a PC for that season, that puts you in the PC category permanently. That way, you can still grind trial 105 all you want on PC, but if you push to a new season high on PC, you are stuck on the PC leaderboard, even if you do a higher trial later on mobile. This will do two things: 1) it will prevent gaming the system (e.g. finishing Garm on PC where its easier and then switching to Mobile for Kara); and 2) it won’t diminish cross platform play. I DO NOT think posting on both PC and Mobile LBs should be allowed.

    Finally, let’s get this solved ASAP. The game is more fun with events, and we have been without one for some time.


      First of all I want to say that you should not overcomplicate things and just evaluate what are the goals. Then meet them with minimum modifications.

      On the matter of leagues: I think everyone posting here is not going to be affected by it, we are all in the upper bracket and that does not make our opinions objective. If I try to put myself into the shoes of a starting player then I cant see how it can hurt. So i think it is a good idea. Especially I liked the comments about those epic eph boxes making non eph gear. Probably the easiest is when they return back to boxes after anb.

      But for spliting the LB's.

      The goal is to have an even playfield between the input methods. The main restriction is the max unlocked trial and you should not want to keep people locked out from playing on multiple platforms.

      For that you don't need to do anything for the existing LB, that can be K&M. You just have to introduce an additional LB, where the input method is checked for touch and the results filtered.

      If you finish a trial level, using T&D, but the trial level is not possible by your previous best time, then it will be posted into the K&M LB. If you were within the limits, it will post to T&D LB. It will also show at your current result, what is the highest trial you can post foto improve the ranking.

      I think that the same filter could also be in place for K&M LB, meaning that you cant unlock trials offline, using SL or what ever method and then come and post a trial 6 levels above, although your previous clear would have unlocked only one trial.

      This kind soultion would not force people to a single platform and imo that same system could be in place for ANB as well. Yes, there might be a small competitive edge for farming XP on PC and pushing on mobile, but that gap is marginally small because we have seen, that players who are exclusively on mobile, are able to farm as fast and as efficiently as on PC.
      I think that this possible unequality is too small to overweight a lockout from a platform.

      This is probably a lot easier to develop as well.

      I play constantly on both platforms, in ANB i farm some on mobile and some on PC, having that option taken, feels restrictive.

      To summarize:

      1. There are two leaderboards - Overall and T&D
      2. You post into the T&D leaderboard only if you use the required input method.
      3. You can improve your ranking in the T&D LB only by playing on the same input method.
      4. Your rank will be improved in the T&D LB only if you finished a trial level not higher, than your maximum unlock from your previous ranking time.
      5. Max next rankable trial level is shown on the current result.


      • papa jim
        papa jim commented
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        Agreed, I also play pc and mobile and don't want to be locked to a platform, most likely skip some ANBs if that is the way it is implemented.

      • Ozymandius
        Ozymandius commented
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        Good point on focusing on what is driving this conversation and not overcomplicate things. Mobile players have asked for a long time to have a separate leaderboard for mobile only players. I say give them their own leaderboard, but do not lock multi-platform players out of competing on the regular leaderboard. However, if you do not regulate the mobile leaderboard to only allow mobile play, then there really is no point in setting up a separate leaderboard; we already have a leaderboard for open platform players.

      If I may drop something
      i would leave the ladderboard the way it is and just drop a random medal as a reward at lvl 120 or something. New players would have something to aim for and everyone would be able to get at least 1 medal each anb
      i know they should be rare and exclusive but let's face it once you have dozens of them one more wont change much
      For a new player tho...


        For those of us who only play mobile, separate leaderboards are a must. If a player wants to grind on mobile but push on pc trials, that's ok. As long as they don't place on the mobile board.the definitions between leaderboards should be , only mobile, or both.please note, around 80 % of people have a phone, but only 40% have a pc.


        • Bigjord04
          Bigjord04 commented
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          Agreed. Mobile leaderboard should have no PC activity what so ever. That should be applicable to ANB and season. I have no issue if a PC player wants to also play on mobile, however, any of their progress should not impact the mobile leaderboard whatsoever.

        • papa jim
          papa jim commented
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          Complete trial level one on pc and everything after that on mobile and you are locked into pc, really makes a lot of sense. Why bother splitting?

        • Ozymandius
          Ozymandius commented
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          papa jim Glad to see that you are finally coming around to the logic of having one leaderboard for players who only play on mobile and another leaderboard for everyone else! Although I am normally a dual platform player, I am thinking that I may play only mobile on the next ANB just to see what all of the hubub is about. I'm not really expecting to do any better on the mobile leaderboard, however, since there are some really talented mobile players in the game.

        My playing time is short and I enjoy all classes (well, not Mage right now because the Arcanist build is "not quite there yet" :P , but conceptually). DUring a Season, I do ANBs during the ANB weeks (they consume my playtime for their duration), then push on main about 2-3 evenings a week on average.

        So my trial progression is a slow, multiseasonal crawl. On this one I went 148->149 with my Shockwave Warrior and 143->145 with Stalker, for example. I'm hoping to pass 149 perhaps still this Season.

        If the Trials progress gets reset, I'll need about 30mins playtime to get up to ~145-ish, then another 30min to get up to 148, then another 30mins to pass it (roughly). In total, that's about 5-6 weeks for me. Adding the ANB weeks doesn't leave much time to actually "progress" from my last achievement point.

        But what's more important is, where is the fun there for me, to simply "reclimb" a ladder to where I had already got? Pushing my highest achieved trial is fun; crawling back to the same spot, only for a then ephemeral chance at going higher and then boom, reset again - not really looking forward to it.

        I understood the interest in periodically "purging" attained Trial levels - some of us have much higher unlocked levels from previous patch builds, and could benefit unfairly from directly fighting a T165 Kara without having to pass T164 Garm.

        Perhaps resetting Trials *only* every ~5 Seasons, or when there is a balance patch?


          A few random thoughts.

          ANB League split or giving more rewards for completing lower trials. This could potentially encourage a lot of new players who don’t use discord or the forum to stick with the game. I know it would have helped me more in my first few ANB’s.

          As for locking ANB characters into either a PC or mobile leaderboard for both story level and trials. I am not sure where I stand on this one. Last few ANB’s I have used both PC and tablet. While the majority of the time has been spent using the tablet and therefore I shouldn’t have a problem with being limited to a mobile only board (might actually get better rankings/more medals) I would miss being able to run trials on a larger screen. Garm and that other overgrown lizard both still kill me just as fast on PC as they do on when playing the tablet. Like I said, I am not sure where I stand on this one. It will be interesting to see what is actually implemented and how it works.


            I’ve read through all the feedback, lots of great thoughts, specifically Jose Sarmento and Heikki Gross had some great suggestions.

            There’s two points I’d like to bring up that I didn’t end up seeing while reading through the feedback.


            The idea of splitting rewards into brackets seems overcomplicated and might have a flaw. This is coming from a new player, but one who does follow the forums and discord. The main reason is, based on your example brackets I believe this would/could lead to a concept some know as “Twinking”. This is a practice where (veteran) players only compete to a certain level then stop difficulty progression while continuing to gear up and compete on time alone. In this case it’d be players who outfit themselves in high level gear, and only progress to the max bracket level E.G. TL 60.

            While your vague "statistics" may prove otherwise, getting to TL60 is easy with minimal effort and gear. If this does happen, you’ll end up getting some veteran players who will exclusively play an account to compete to the lower tier and completely invalidate the whole idea. Your new players, which this initiative is meant to help, still wont get top leaderboard rankings due to the vet players. Granted, this might not happen, but the brackets enable it to happen where today this is not a possibility.

            As a side note, this could be a potentially lucrative option for you and a whole different form of gameplay you could benefit from. This was/is a popular form of gameplay in PvP enabled games. You could potentially do it intentionally in some other form for players to opt into. Somehow nix all vet benefits and base it purely on skill or something. For the love though, do not make players go through master levels of crafting again, that **** should get removed completely.


            Players who opt into PC are heavily penalized for doing so unless they are near their PC 24/7. Here’s just one example why I think this (in addition to the others people have mentioned). When an ANB starts, if I am not near my gaming machine, say I’m at work, I am now potentially hours behind others in terms of starting to upgrade your skills. Immediately I’m now at a disadvantage. Continuing further, say I’m cooking skills and I go to the park with my kids or a movie. If my skill finished the second I pull out of the driveway, I’m now hours behind cooking the next skill.

            As a player who is nearly 100% mobile, I think its a tad ridiculous to even suggest this. Splitting leaderboard rankings? Absolutely crucial if your main goal is to be fair, which it sounds like it is. One of the main benefits of this game is its availability on all platforms. Take that away and you have a PC game competing with other PC games, and you will not win that race. A huge draw and benefit is that cross play with a single login, its very refreshing in a world of pay per platform. Like others have said, there could be very easy ways to determine leaderboard that likely do not require huge overhauls. I think you’d benefit from exploring those first.

            Worst case, you just course correct and change it up again. You’ll never get things right the first time.

            Additional thoughts, I’m not totally sure how your bracket would be determined before an ANB based on previous ANB/Season ranking but I will say this. It is rough being a new player going against multi year vets in season ranking. As an example, keep in mind I’m not a great player, but during ANB I had collected good enough gear to advance to TL 130. But after ANB, and as my first real main character, I had very few pieces of gear when ANB ended. Now I can hardly get TL 120 during season outside of ANB. I don’t have the years of Celestial items brought back to compete with top 1000 even. New players ranking outside of ANB is a lengthy process pulling back from ANB or just dedicate loads of time to gather millions of needed materials for crafting ANB that same level gear outside of ANB.

            This is why I liked Jose’s comments about bringing some gear back. As a new player you have maybe 1 - 2 pieces if you could get the CT and some jewelry. Then each piece is very costly outside ANB. Most of my other thoughts were summed up by others.

            Anyways, I’m glad you’re at least asking for a discussion rather than pushing out updates regardless of what your players think. It shows you do truly care. Thanks.


            • Rhylar
              Rhylar commented
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              Additional note, if you’re locked to pc, you are locked to the crafting loop everyone keeps talking about and that’s your only method of crafting. At least now you can craft on mobile and play on pc so you’re not affected by any potential pc issues.

            • Kristoff
              Kristoff commented
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              Please forgive the unsolicited advice, but do you regularly read the various playing guides or watch the videos available here in the forums?

              I'm a bit of a butterfinger mobile player myself, but watching videos by pros like Romme, bojck and others, plus reading guides really improved my play style.

              With this knowledge, just a few months of participating in ANBs gave me a nice stash of celestial transforms, and I now usually rank in the top 250 to top 100 each ANB and season, unless I make dumb mistakes, which I occasionally do.

              A 200% gold booster is only 75 gems and nets you at least 3 to 4 million in gold in 30 minutes with the right gear (blue or green XP and gold farming), and farming the highest trial you can complete in 30 to 90 seconds is a great way to get a full page of salvageable gear. I've used both methods to quickly craft superior equipment that allows me to have a decent shot at the leaderboards, even with all the veterans and talented newcomers. And that's in spite of limited time due to family responsibilities.

            I’m glad the Devs are thinking about this
            I’d like to see the tables split by input device and am delighted it’s happening.

            I don’t support splitting people into pools according to past trial performance. It seems against the whole spirit of ‘a new beginning’ – The league plan is going to be horribly overcomplicated and is ripe for causing complaints or exploitation.

            Think it should be easier to get medals during ANB (and seasons). You could do this in a number of ways – give medals to more people (top 1000 for lowest?) or by awarding medals for reaching trial levels.

            I’d also like to see better rewards at lower ANB trial levels and agree the current Epic reward boxes should be legendary (they only come at L70 so still need replacing if pushing). A legendary crate in between the celestials would be decent.

            If you really want an ANB to encourage new people why not look at something based around the Story line? Make good on the promise of ‘new and better rewards await during ANB’ – better random drops, prizes for completing each level (killing the big bosses at normal, Heroic and Legendary difficulty).

            So when you join an ANB you have the choice of entering into the Story Line or Trials Challenge. If you choose trials you then have to pick which platform to compete on.


              Hi there! I just wanted to chime in as a newer player, having started the game during the gold ANB event. I had a blast! I made the amusing mistake of spending most of my time trying to clear the story mode for the first time. After that I had decent success pushing trials, but finished around Trial 80 or so.

              Regarding mobile vs PC leaderboards, it makes sense to simply split all by K&M/T&D

              I also really like the idea of adding a contenders league, but would suggest >110 as a better intermediate indicator. I have almost 1000 CP now and still haven’t pushed past 110. I can’t imagine how people do 160+!

              You could also split players based on number of ANBs completed. First timers compete against first timers, while people with 5+ compete against similarly experienced players. Obviously the numbers could be whatever is deemed reasonable. Perhaps 3 or fewer and 4 or more.

              Regardless, I’ve had a wonderful time with the game and learned a lot from the guides and such posted. Been looking forward to this ANB for weeks! Can’t wait to give it a go. Thanks!


                So this current bronze have different league ? Currently only 113 bh in my league


                  Are we going to have separate LB for next season?


                  • Turgeon
                    Turgeon commented
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                    Its supposed to come in next silver so yes probably in for nezt season. Congratz for your nice anb bronze btw!

                  I assume players who are against splitting the platforms are PC players.Cos they want to benefit from both platforms advantages.But mobile only players don't have such luxury so splitting is in their interest.
                  what happens if you implement mobile only OR cross platform?
                  if you chose cross platform nothing will be changed for you if you are already playing that way,am I wrong?so no big deal for you.
                  But can make a huge difference for those who don't have access to a PC.
                  As per ANB,if you want it to be a REAL New beginning,then disable medal effects,allow only 1 event hero creation so that everyone can display their talents in fairness.


                    Is the PC and mobile leaderboard applied separately to the silver league that started today?


                      Originally posted by jh w View Post
                      Is the PC and mobile leaderboard applied separately to the silver league that started today?
                      Not yet. Travis mentioned it here.