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    Eternium Next Generation

    Hello Eternium Community and thank you for supporting the best-ever mobile action RPG!

    People have been asking: what’s up with Eternium? The real question should be: what’s next for Eternium?

    As many of you know, Eternium is written on the Marmalade game engine. It was the best choice when we started development nearly a decade ago, but times have changed and it is no longer supported by its creators. Dream Primer has been doing an admirable job of supporting the engine themselves, hacking at the Marmalade source code we licensed in order to keep Eternium functional and compliant with the ever evolving Apple and Google APIs.

    Working on Marmalade has severely limited the ways that Eternium can grow. Think about it: how many engineers do Unity and Unreal have managing their game engines? We have a far smaller number managing the core engine technology while also developing the game on top of it. We are at a severe disadvantage on this orphaned tech; it is time to move on.

    Dream Primer took a deep dive in to carefully consider and test the various options – which we quickly boiled down to Unity vs. Unreal. After careful consideration, we have chosen Unreal Engine 5 as the new engine technology platform for Eternium. We are super excited about the opportunities Unreal provides for advancing Eternium, especially its support for real-time multiplayer development.

    We will share information about progress and plans as things develop. For now, I’ll leave you with a teaser that Dream Primer has made amazing progress developing a next-gen prototype on Unreal. They will reach an important milestone soon, at which time we will have more to share.

    I look forward to continuing this conversation with you. In the meantime, we are always here to support you with any issues you may have with Eternium.

    John Welch
    CEO, Making Fun
    On behalf of the Making Fun + Dream Primer team

    I for one think this is great news! Just hoping the "reach an important milestone soon" does not mean many months. Anyway, the selection of Unreal would literally be a game changer for us all.

    Can't wait. Two thumbs up!
    “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” – Japanese proverb


      Thats good news! Thanks for the planned improvement, the boredom of repeating in stories & hard wall in pushing made some players got bored.

      I'm excited to see that improvement!


        While getting this news from the CEO of Making Fun gives it more credibility, I won't be holding my breath in anticipaaaaation of said new release. Guess I've become too cynical in my old age and have heard far too many claims that ultimately go unfulfilled. I'll be more optimistic when I see it.


          I'll believe it when I see it, not holding my breath though. This was announced years ago and, per Adrian, canned some time ago too. If it actually happens then that'll be great - hopefully some of the pathing issues can finally be fixed.

          My wishlist in no particular order...

          Pathing fixed
          mob movement speeds improved
          Memory leaks eradicated
          Glow effects on staves fixed
          New Act V
          New bosses
          New boss rotation in Trials
          PC controls fixed
          New class
          New events


          • WarriorSeven
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            I wonder, Tin Man. Both Marmalade and Unreal are both written in C++, albeit different versions. And since Eternium has access to the Marmalade source, one has to think you can re-use a LOT of the original design after accounting for version impacts instead of resorting to a complete re-write.

            I guess we'll see what we shall see.

          Thanks for the update on your progress. Looking forward to seeing the next generation of Eternium once your beta version is ready.


            I'm feeling myself as an idiot. Probably most of the players as well. Mr.CEO, Devs,Travis do you guys think that throwing post like that without absolutely no info or etc. Is a good idea. Aren't we wait for years already to actually see one of the best mobile games upgrading and growing. Honestly what is this. Another post as the Adrian once when he make us believe we will finally have mobile and PC LBs. You can't solve the problem with the cheaters and now a new engine. I strictly recommend before posting stuff like this do some job and show us something. Keep us curious not annoyed.


              I'm definitely in the "I'll believe it when I see it" camp as well. The lack of an concrete details in this post mixed with the fact that, as other players have mentioned, the switch to unreal was talked about long ago and never materialized makes me inclined to call bullsh!t. I don't think anyone has really been asking "What's up with Eternium?" because all of us who have played for more than few months know: nothing new, same old crap, cheaters being allowed to cheat, boring repetitive anbs, useless currency (glory), bugs, more bugs in the "fixes" for the old bugs, empty promises, absent/inconsistent dev(s) I hardly play anymore, did a few anbs recently but don't even bother to log in to do dailies most days. I think the straw that broke the camel's back for me was when a few anbs ago the most blatant cheater I've ever seen won 1st in anb with obviously hacked dmg in trials, it was so blatant that even a cursory glance by a dev would have been enough to see that this person was cheating yet nothing was done and the player was not removed. At that point I realized that no one was even manning the ship anymore, just start anbs every 2 weeks, occasionally pretend you are still working on the game, rinse/repeat. Also, the fact that posts regarding this obvious cheater were removed just speaks volumes to the fact that the powers that be would rather pretend issues don't exist instead of actually lifting a finger to do anything about them. It will take a lot more than vague empty promises at this point to regain my trust and I don't think I'm alone.


                Good morning and hello Mr. Welch,
                Now i don't expect a reply, yet I had to impart this or it would bother me that I didn't.
                Let me start by saying that Eternium is a great concept and has plenty of room for growth, despite the issues that it may have.

                I'm an old school gamer, from the beginning,, and had some part in the industry for a bit. And I would like to share somethings I've learned. Do what you will with it, even if you don't reply or see this post.
                Remember that the community is what makes the game, and too many companies have lost sight of that, so the best way for your Concept to grow is to work well with them.
                If you make Eternium a multiplayer game, that's fine. Yet do not neglect the target market for those who prefer and only play offline. That would be a mistake. So an option of an offline mode would be advised.
                Also, the in game costs of crafting equipment and such, is crazy high. Yes I know that it's a business, yet if you reduced such to a more affordable and reasonable rate, I believe that you would get more support from the community then you do now. That's just coming from my 35+ plus years in business experience.
                Also more classes and the ability to customize them would be a big plus as well. I know, being an old school DnD player, that character customization is greatly liked and sought after by many.
                I hope this gets to you and you take it into consideration. I wish the best possible outcome for you and hope that you do not make the same mistakes as Blizzard has over the years. Good day and good luck.
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                • StGeorge688
                  StGeorge688 commented
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                  I miss the original War Craft and Star Craft. Eternium with campaign! That would be great. Did one month of World of War Craft, then deleted.

                Does what you said have anything to do with eternium?
                Look at what you all said before, what did you do, what did you accomplish, what did you deliver?80% of the plans are farts! ! ! If you still want us to have hope in you, please start your work, do more work and fart less. thanks


                  Well, good luck then! Fingers crossed for the DP team to truly deliver so that Eternium gets to keep its title of the best RPG on mobile devices for the next ten years and beyond.

                  Honestly, people seem to forget how much Eternium has already grown in the past ten years - The Gauntlet, Act III, Bounty Hunter, Trials of Valor, Home town, Act IV, crafting, quests, UI overhaul (countless times). This is only scratching the surface. There were quiet months before - just let them do their thing.


                    Sorry, but “no longer supported” is the death knell for Eternium. Continued development on the Marmalade platform is akin to an Undertaker constantly applying cosmetics to a corpse that is long past optimal viewing. The end result is mummification, an analogy I have used before when discussing the state of development of Eternium. So the long list of suggestions I and many other players have posted for the development of Eternium as we currently know it WILL NOT HAPPEN! Some of them may be incorporated in the next incarnation of Eternium, but nothing more than ineffectual CPR will continue to be applied to the game as we know it. We need to accept it, get over it, and move on. Making Fun can only consider options that will produce a viable business model. A “Free-to-Play” game is a loss leader that a company like Making Fun cannot afford. They must keep as much of the current player base as possible, a powerful incentive to rapid and visible development of “Eternium 2”. They must also attract new players, a component critical to the survival of any future iteration of Eternium. Another option may be to cease development and updates altogether, should a profitable solution not appear to be forthcoming to the number crunchers at Making Fun. To survive, Eternium must evolve into a sustainable “Pay-to-Play” model. Those who take pride in playing for free are, in reality, preying upon those of us that pay far more than we should to keep Eternium alive. There should at least be a monthly membership or subscription fee to play. In return, should it prove profitable and sustainable to Making Fun, we should expect a game that is as rich and detailed and fun as Eternium still is, even in its death throes.

                    Sadly, there will always be cheaters and exploiters. The game, to them, is somehow gaming the game. Hackers chasing developers chasing hackers etc. etc. etc. is an inevitable problem that will never be solved. There will always be a small percentage of cheaters in any endeavor. The majority of us that play fairly and honestly because we value the sense of accomplishment of earning something rather than stealing it will always feel some level of frustration toward those that seem to get away with such behavior. As a pay to play, honest player, I am proud to compete against other such players. You can tell who they are by reading their posts in the forums. Long time players who time and again come forward to help and guide and support those who need it. I can count on one hand a select group of Veteran players that I always see posting and commenting in the forums. Travis is also part of that select group. I once again humbly thank you all.

                    Looking forward to the next ANB (Bronze #16, I think?). BTW, IMHO, Diablo Immortal is a slick, beautiful game designed for seriously deep-pocket players. I would rather put my money into Eternium in the hopes of its continued development and success. Peace.

                    As Rocky Horror was mentioned, I must add RIP Meat Loaf, you were the greatest!
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                    • Arin
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                      Nice, may I ask your toon name?

                    • Tolimar
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                      Tolimar, Mage, 2017, deceased, deleted as a bitter disappointment.
                      Farwalker, Stalker BH, retired, ultimately defeated by Trial 129 (curse you, Garm!).
                      Farstrider, current Havoc/Demo BH, still adventuring…
                      Tolimar, Havoc/Demo BH, fresh recruit from most recent ANB, gold and materials farming duties, promising young fellow!

                    • Kristoff
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                      Do you know that I even receive communications from people who offer to help me hack the game? I've reported at least one of these to Travis, but as far as I know, that individual is still active on the forums where I encountered them.


                    Meanwhile back in 2017....


                    • StGeorge688
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                      I was just thinking of that a few days ago. Has it been that long?

                    I started playing in 2015 and in my review, stated that I was excited for the PvP/Co-op update that was in the works. June of 2022, and here we are still talking about multiplayer. Pathetic.
                    Krakatau ? Level 70 Mage ? Champion Level 300


                      I have been online doing some research this past day on Making Fun, Eternium, Activision Blizzard, and Diablo Immortal, in the main, and some general side topics such as RPGs in general, and business demographics of online gaming companies, including MF and AB.

                      To say that my results have been grim would be a gross understatement. I have no education or degrees in Business, so anything I post should be taken with a bag of rock salt. If I am wrong or if anyone can provide corrections or clarifications, please do so. I will only post a few of the many tidbits I have found, because I am tired of tapping out my usual long-winded posts.

                      First and foremost, we need some real answers from Making Fun about the future of Eternium. I said Eternium was in its death throes. That was optimistic. Eternium is on life support and the plug could be pulled at any time. Please tell me I am wrong, somebody.

                      Number of employees: Making Fun, 19; AB 9,800-9,900. Travis is indeed a big deal at MF, his photo shows up as one of the top 4 employess, along with John Welch and 2 others. Looks like Executive status to me.

                      Number of Downloads: Eternium, 10,000,000 since launch (2015), 100,000 in April 2022; Diablo Immortal, 10,000,000 since launch (June 1, 2022, 10 days ago). Estimated cost to play DI to end game has been estimated at $110,000. No number found for Eternium, but with enough grinding, farming, and time, I believe that one could develop a high level/leaderboard character under Eternium’s “Free to Play” slogan. But where does the funding come from to develop and support such a game? Please correct, clarify and embellish anything I post.

                      Number of games produced: MF, 3; AB, Couldn’t keep count, at least dozens…

                      One last point: Having given DI a look over a couple days, I can say that a lot of what is going on in DI was, shall we say, modelled after Eternium, especially the in game currency system. However, it appears that one must Pay to Play to make any significant advancement in DI, even at lower levels.

                      What can we do to help Eternium survive? What is really going on behind the curtain, John Welch? Some real answers please!


                      • Tolimar
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                        There is another curtain behind the curtain. Nobody appears to be home at Dream Primer

                        Another site listing game developers shows Dream Primer, in its 23 year existence, has developed one game, Mage and Minions/Eternium, released in 2014. Travis says DP is still here and still developing. If Travis says it is so, I believe it.

                        So, when is Bronze #16 ANB happening? I managed to craft two 77s during War Supplies that I need for my Main, I need those two CTs. Don’t even ask how many days I spent crafting, farming, crafting, farming… I only need one more item after this to have my Havoc/Demo BH fully CTd, and that is… wait for it… surprise surprise surprise, a BoM! I managed to eke out a 74 with Heatseekers bonus, but I won’t CT that. It took me days of crafting just BoMs to crank that one out. I should be able to get my 77 with Heatseekers during upcoming Bronze.

                      • Kristoff
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                        I've gotten pretty far on DI in just a short time, and what I've spent is a tiny fraction compared to what I've paid and continue to pay to support Eternium.

                        And if I'd chosen not to pay for DI, I don't think it would have made that big a difference in the speed of my character's advancement, at least in my opinion.

                        After a bit of exploration, you figure out how to level up fairly quickly, even on the cheap. One difference is that in DI, you can make friends with other players who can help give you a boost in-game, whereas Eternium is pretty much a solo experience.
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                      • StGeorge688
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                        I have so many CT's I am using them on 76's and 75's because they are taking up to much space. I am cutting my ANB's down to every other Bronze.