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Combat Stats and DPS

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    Combat Stats and DPS

    Are there some fighting techniques that increase DPS exponentially?

    As I review the players ahead of me on the Seasons LB, I see the top player doing 3422B DPS (TL201). The folks in the top 5 are all over 2000B DPS.
    I complete TL151 with 30B DPS.

    I cannot see all of the stats of the leaders but from just the few we do see, the player has a 250 more CL, maybe 15% more damage yet I do not see anything about the build that tells me the player should have 100 times the DPS I have.

    Are TLs some type of progressive based DSP multiplier?
    Over 2000 CL is a single CL a major multiplier?

    The folks around my TL achievement seem to all be within the same frame of DPS.

    Here are my Stats, if you see something that I am missing in the extreme. I certainly will continue to tweak things.
    One area I will be trying is to increase my AR lowering Haste (switching of Gems)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Stats1.png
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Name:	Stats2.png
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    Is there somewhere out there where you can see the stats details like those above for toons?

    As always, appreciate in advance all of the hard work and input all of you veteran players provide.

    Hunters are unique in that their damage increases as the trials get higher because things like Sticky Bombs are based upon 0,5% of the dead target life. The more life the dead target has? The more damage caused.

    The increase in damage is without changing a thing.