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    Is the osmosis or slayer the best enchantment for a BH helm?

    Slayer on a BH helm actually has good 50% bonus damage--IF you are a player meandering about in the "lower" Trial levels or just for farming; but it only buffs damage against Elite creatures (note that Bosses are NOT Elite creatures).

    Osmosis on the BH helm, on the other hand, is the choice meta to push to higher trials and stacks to inflict damage to both Bosses and Elites. The 30% damage stack takes a bit to get going, but combined with the "infinite" stacking damage from your Molten Belt (as long as Explosive Shot/Tracer Ammo is active), you now have your best shot at as a BH in dispatching a Boss.

    Still, there is no harm trying the lesser Slayer on a BH helm for awhile to test how far you can go in trials. But once you're at a standstill, you'll want to upgrade your enchantment to Osmosis (and stick with it), where you'll see its improved effectiveness against all enemies, including Bosses.

    The Exotic Slayer enchant, of course, is a must on weapons.
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