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    Originally posted by Purple Potato View Post

    I read it and thought that the minumum value is increased by 25% (of the range, so if the range is 0-1000, the range is then 250-1000)
    Same as the minimum value change from gear dropped at trial 100. 50% increase in the minimum range. (72-90 becomes 81-90).
    Fortunate in this case that you read it like that, but with all respect, that's not what it says. If min value increases by X, average only increases by X/2. Consider the T100 example, range is 50% (81-90 rather than 72-90) yet average only increases by 25% of the total range (81 -> 85.5).

    Not that I care that much about the matter, but I'm labeling this a bug until I hear a "will not be fixed" from developer authority.

    Travis, I propose we move this to bug reports.

    UmbraDei , I don't think I've ever seen so much useful and well laid out information in any other user's first posts. Hats off.