So in normal leather armor crafting, the Parry stat is not available. In crafting lesser enchantments for gloves, the parry is available and can be applied to leather armor gloves. The subsequent parry increase is from 5% to 9.3%. The Block enchantment on gloves can be applied to leather gloves which in regular crafting is also not available, however, when applied, the Character shows the 100 points Block Rating but still shows 0% block which make sense since Block isn't available to BHs.

If I go into the training grounds, I will occasionally see Parry blink up on the mob attack. Without tracking stats, I don't have a way to determine if the parry is 5% (base rate) or the 9.3% enchanted rate. Both of which are much smaller than the inate Dodge rate of a level 70 BH.

So is the access to Parry for BH leather gloves a bug, exploit or intentional?