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    Hello. Sorry for bad english. I think here is a bug at last story level. Some time ago i completed story line at normal mode with my mage 70 lvl easy. I create another character. Now he is 70 lvl and i cant complete last level story line at normal mode. Boss Kara shoots me with only 1 kick. And i die. I checked this boss with my mage (who already completed whis level) it is the same. One shoot and i die. How it can be? Now i can't continue game.

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    You first have to kill her 3minions (I forgot the names ). Same in trials , you have to first kill the summoned minions before attacking her.


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      Oh. Thank you very much. Didn't know this.


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        The minions are not the girls that suddenly appear. There are 3 "mini bosses" throughout the map that you must kill first. They are easy.


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          I understand this. Just before i run forward exactly to main boss. Didn't know about any tipe of mini bosses. Again, thanks.


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            Originally posted by FendyBt2 View Post
            Click image for larger version

Name:	how to kill kara in story.png
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            you see the message there... you have to kill at least 1 of the acolyte before you can kill kara... kill all 3 would be better and easier to kill kara after that...
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