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Video fails in +5 gems during gameplay

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    Sorry if this has already been covered, but is it 50 per character per day or 50 per login per day? For example, can each hero see 50 Ads (250) or cumulatively a total of 50 Ads...


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      I would suspect it would be per account or device per day.. try it and see


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        Originally posted by Kjetil Borghov View Post
        It would be nice to hear from someone that doesn't have add problems. Did a testrun now on final map act 4.
        5 mystery boxes 1 blue item, 1 money, 1 gem, 2 add boxes that just flickers when I press yes to see the add.
        I have cleared cashe, changed wifi, changed to mobile, restarted my phone. Reinstalled the game.
        I don't think there is much more to try.

        It is strange that the people behind this game doesn't care about this issue. I would think that the adds gives some money into the company. But maybe the playerbase is to small to generate any significant amount of cash. That may be the reason for why the issue isn't properly responded to. They rather want players to buy the gems.

        And I wonder, how many players do this game have?
        Resett the leaderboards so that we can see.

        This was just my little rant after playing for 2 hours straight with 2 working adds. This is going to be a fun ANB. If there is coming a new ANB?
        Is that flicker, basically it disappears and your toon freezes until you tap the inventory to regain control? I haven't paid enough attention yet to notice if the trial clock is running or not.

        I also have the very low successful ad issue on top of running droughts of mystery box drops which never used to occur for me.