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Morganheim Northern Wind trigger failure

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  • Morganheim Northern Wind trigger failure

    Running Morganheim for farming in ANB Bronze2. Using a mage with Frostbolt and FrostNova. When the shift occurred that changes up the start location of the mage for repeated runs, Northern Wind stops triggering 100% of the time on Frost Nova and becomes intermittent.

    Using V1.4.48 with Amazon Android.

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    So it’s not just Morganhein but noticeable on that map I see it on morganheim because speed farming. The issue appears to be the text in the release notes: “
    • If the Frostbolt ability is equipped, each time Blizzard deals damage there is a 7% chance and when casting Frost Nova there is a 100% chance to trigger Northern Wind, causing the Mage to treat all enemies as frozen for the next 4 seconds. If another proc of Northern Wind occurs while it is already active, the remaining duration is extended by 4 seconds with a maximum limit of 10 seconds.”
    if you blaze your mob down down fast enough and frostbolt casts on an empty space, northern wind is not triggered by it. It appears as if the check on frostbolt isn’t the cast but if it does damage.


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      It's definitely on damage, because that's why you (many do) can run blizzard without frost nova (particularly at higher level): blizzard hits so many mobs, with each hit being 7% (I think).

      In the trials I've noticed that Northern Wind will sometimes trigger a while after the blizzard cast. Indeed I wait for it to trigger before casting immolate for the shatter damage.

      Note that having frost bolt as one of your two attacks seems to be enough. Maybe others will correct if I'm wrong, but I've seen NW start while casting arc lightning. So if you're killing individual mobs too fast, maybe use (or even fireball) as the attack, to get NW going. But I reckon simplest is to cast Frost Nova first on mob.
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