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BUG - The triplets

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  • BUG - The triplets

    Game version: 1.4.8
    Windows version: 10
    Device Model : Desktop PC
    Map or Trial: TL100
    Player Type (EX: Mage): Bounty Hunter

    Player Gear: Assault set, but not related (I think)
    Abilities: Also not related
    Reproducible: Only happened once, so far

    Current situation (bug):
    Farming TL100s, on the last run my 3 drops were 3 identical Hailstorms. 100% identical, all 3.

    Expected situation (working):
    Well, not identical gear, I guess

    Steps reproduce the bug:

    Screenshots or Video of the bug:

    It's not a hindering bug, nor did I lose anything, I guess I will be getting the same amount of materials from salvaging anyway. But I did want to report it, in case there is an underlying issue of some sort.
    It might become annoying if it reoccurs, as it would make gearing up more difficult.

    I have kept them in my last stash tab, should the devs want to check my account and the items' IDs.
    I'm assuming that the Dev was wrong.

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    Some time ago I got two identical Integralas capes, but not at the same time. I got them both from locked chests, maybe 1-2 days apart from each other.


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      Chosen This indeed requires reporting and is very odd and have very low chance to occur without underlying issues that triggered it.
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        been getting tons of copies of the same weapons, not identical like this, but seems beyond rng... seems to be happening mainly w/the new set weapons in particular.. i mean like 2-3 of the same per level, multiple times and nvr opposites of whatever i am getting... so, i have gotten about a dozen ion guns, malice, and fire bug (each) but literally not one single drop of the other pair.. not one single one so far, but still getting the three i do get, like a fat kid gets cake... curious if i am the only 1 noticing/experiencing this???
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