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    Since you wanted me to let you know Travis:

    I have now been getting the same loot for a week. In that time I have gotten 1677 items in TL 100, they are all just repeating themselves. I have tried the following:

    * Clearing cache
    * Restarting computer
    * Finishing a TL 60
    * Finishing a story mode
    * Crafting a Legendary
    * Opening a Gemstonepack
    * Playing story mode on my phone

    Nothing has helped.
    A bit annoying having gotten 1677 items, of which 0 is lvl 74, 0 is lvl 75 and only 3 different lvl 73, since they just repeat themselves.


    Edit PS: I never play offline
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      This "bug" is almost certainly due to a patch to prevent cheating. Drops and other things which were previously re-rolled offline and now deterministic to prevent re-rolling hacks. The "repeats" arise because the results are a function of variables that are hard for the cheaters to randomise. Some systems work by the server doing the rolls, some by deterministic offline outcome based on unknown values like eg your level, how many stars you've got, etc, and some by a combination of both. In any case the idea is if you want different gear you have to do enough different stuff to change the variables on which the drops actually depend, like, get another champion or crafting level or complete another story level.

      Based on Paximir data of what doesn't help, none of my guesses as to what is actually the variable component of the input to the drop calculator were right, although, if the items cycle around between some fixed set, that's more info. Seems to me there aren't enough variables driving the drop calculator. There's probably some RNG in there too (its not completely deterministic).

      I think the devs know about this and will improve the situation in subsequent patches.
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        Just cleared TL 100 with another of my characters, still getting the same loot.


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          I believe the game has been set to drop a certain item with all fixed stats in order to prevent abusers from trying to randomise the stats. But this shouldn't be the case, then it may be possible that we will never be able to get a certain high level item with good rolls if they're never made to drop.

          Agree with Yttrill.
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            Interesting find from another discussion: it appears that the identical drops can occur between different players as well

            I'm assuming that the Dev was wrong.


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              Never had those problems when i was solely playing on android. Since i also play on PC i keep getting duplicates as well... And while i droped a decent amount of 74/75 items on android, i feel like it became way less since im on pc. Pretty sure it's a PC problem or related to switching devices.

              Anyone found a reliable way to get out of the bug and get normal drops again?