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Global cooldown, abilities queue, and mage's blink.

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  • Global cooldown, abilities queue, and mage's blink.

    Game version: 1.4.8
    Windows/IOS/Android + version: Amazon Android (Fire OS
    Device Model: Amazon Fire HD 8 (7th Generation)
    Map or Trial: Any, specifically tested in challenge 114 and Marcus' Village
    Player Type: Mage
    Player Gear: Apprentice x 6, Grand Magister's x 2
    Abilities: Arc Lightning, Frostbolt, Blizzard, Immolate, Blink, Celerity, Glass Cannon, Power Infusion
    Reproducible: 4/5 (happens often, but not always)

    Current situation (bug):
    1. Global cooldown countdown timer does not appear over Blink's HUD icon, and the icon does not get greyed out, unless Blink is fully charged for both uses. The cooldown does, however, apply.
    2. Blink does not enter the Abilities Queue.
    Expected situation (working):
    1. Global cooldown countdown timer is displayed for all abilities to which it applies, when it applies.
    2. Blink is added to the Abilities Queue, as with other casted (non-passive) utilities.
    Steps to reproduce the bug:
    1. Cooldown countdown:
      1. Cast Blink so that only one cast is remaining (Blink is one of the utilities that can be cast multiple times, and then recharges multiple times, indicated by the empty or filled circles under the ability on the HUD).
      2. Cast another utility (Immolate, for example) before Blink recharges.
      3. Blink will not show the global cooldown countdown, as the other utilities do. It is, however, unable to be cast.
    2. Abilities Queue:
      1. Enable Abilities Queue.
      2. Cast anything followed by Blink, in quick succession (e.g. two Blinks or Immolate followed by Blink).
      3. Wait for Blink to occur.
    Screenshots or Video of the bug:
    1. Cooldown countdown (Blizzard is showing cooldown from casting Immolate, Blink is not):
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_2019-05-21-21-55-13.png Views:	0 Size:	284.0 KB ID:	136042
    2. Abilities Queue: unable to screenshot (and I can't do video).
    Last edited by Harkyn; 05-23-2019, 09:34 PM. Reason: got the instructions in the wrong order

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    This seems to be present in 1.4.11.