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Broken graphics for Lavadon Cubs

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    Broken graphics for Lavadon Cubs

    Game version: 1.4.15
    Windows/IOS/Android + version: _Windows 10 Home Edition 64 bit
    Device Model : Asus Zenbook
    Map or Trial: The Broken Dragon
    Player Type (EX: Mage): BH
    Player Gear: Generic non-set gear
    Abilities: Explosive shot, Pathfinder, Piercing Ammo, Celerity, active skills as shown in screenshot, but they were not used.
    Reproducible: 4/5 = happens often, but not always;

    Current situation (bug):

    Playing ANB character, gold/gem farming on TBD map. After killing Big Lavadons w/ explosive shot, cubs often spawn as dark squares instead of their usual texture. Might be related to the burning/explosion effect, did not try to reproduce with a different build.

    Expected situation (working): Cubs look like their proper selves.

    Steps reproduce the bug:
    Shoot at Lavadon with explosive shot, more often than not the cubs will have the aspect shown on screenshot below.

    Screenshots or Video of the bug: (add as many screenshots as you need)
    Click image for larger version

Name:	buglavadon.jpg
Views:	185
Size:	121.4 KB
ID:	144668

    I saw the same in Out of Nowhere with different creatures
    Dyoma Crown
    Dyoma Crown Total: 404

    Mage: 140
    Warrior (SW): 138
    BH: 126

    Warrior (DW): 125


      I don't know if related, but I've noticed lately the Lavadon Cubs in TBD lose aggro sometimes, right after they're formed by blowing up the parent creature. It only happens when I'm running sans-sidekicks, but it's annoying to have to circle back for a killshot in order to get their loot. Just adding the info in case it helps the devs diagnose the issue.

      Edited to add that I'm not seeing the graphics glitch, though.
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        Do some test runs with your other chars, if you're consistently seeing this then there was a glitch during the update process and texture files got messed up. Issue can be resolved by re-installing the game, or you can try to clear the data and simply re-download (start up The Shores of Hope and wait for download to complete) first.
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          Every once in awhile I experience the same thing momentarily and just anecdotally seems to happen when I have a lot of apps running on my mobile or I have not restarted my mobile in some time. The simplest first step I would do?

          1) Close any applications that you are able to and do not need to run. Close the applications and not just switch away from them.
          2) Do a power off of you device leaving it off for a couple of minutes prior to turning it back on.
          3) Reset Eternium and see if the problem presents again.
          4) If it does? Go with NHat.

          The first step in solving just about any computer issue? A simple power cycle. The only exception I can think of is when a power cycle puts data at risk of being lost which isn't the case here.

          I hope all the advice given by everyone helps get you a solution since we are presently in a vacuum of developer support.
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