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Problem with Devastate

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    Problem with Devastate

    Frequently, when my warrior finishes a Devastate attack, rather than resuming his normal attack, he just stands there in the middle of an angry mob. The half-second before I react and click on an enemy can be enough to get him killed.

    Yep, I have the same deadly problem.

    That issue seems to have been around for quite a while.


    CL 2100
    Anisaz, Extra Gold BH, TL 7 (too lazy)
    Keril, confused Mage, TL 7 (can't be bothered)
    Ohad, shieldmaiden, TL 115


      Happens to me all the time as well... Must be some sort of bug in the program


      • Fish knife
        Fish knife commented
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        A bug? In Eternium? That's impossible!

      It happens when the selected mob target got killed by the attack - a new target is not selected during the attack, so your Warrior stands there thinking...

      A work-around is to keep on pressing on the different mobs target to make sure one is still selected by the time the attack finished.

      Potential limitation with the engine, or what ever, as mentioned, it's been there for at least 2+ years...
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      • Nhat
        Nhat commented
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        Sorry, I should clarify, the word "mob" above need to be replaced with "target".

        ie. You currently have a target selected, then triggered Devastate, which goes and attack a number of randomly chosen targets, which may or may not include your selected one. If during that attack, your selected target is killed, resulting in you no longer have a target selected, then once the attack is finished, your Hero will stand there doing nothing.

        If you select another target before the attack sequence finish, then your Hero will commence auto-attack on that newly selected target.

      • Ubba Lothbrokson
        Ubba Lothbrokson commented
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        That makes sense.

      • Travis | Support Mgr.
        Travis | Support Mgr. commented
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        In action RPGs, "mob" typically means "monster" or "enemy".