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pc performance bug?

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    pc performance bug?

    I just started experiencing low fps on my PC laptop (after the latest update, I think). I'm wondering whether others have noticed a performance issue. It looks like I'm running 1 core only. I'm getting the full 25% CPU. I bumped up the priority of marmalade.exe, but that did not help.

    It's a 1.8GHz i7-8550 which has 4 cores.

    I never experienced ANY fps below 59 before now. The only setting change I made recently was to turn off floating numbers.

    only issue with PC when usin windows 10.
    i'm ok with it though.
    windows 8.1 the most stable for my low end PC gaming (35-45 FPS). hahaha
    i'm runnin Trial 125 at the moment
    when usin this Whirlwind thing..look at the Windows 10 FPS
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    Honest playin with Low end Pc
    Bronze ANB Charge-WW Dual Warrior: Trial 138

    New 2 "Goldly Hero" systematically runnin the 5 Star Story Mode (i need sufficient "Gems" for next War Supply Event & ANB's)


      My windows 10 pc run smooth with 59-60FPS
      sometimes it goes to 35-45FPS but still smooth...
      Run trial 110 with no problem with all map pull. .

      ​​​​​​Maybe it's because your windows update?
      Did you update your windows days ago?

      If so try to restore your windows to date before it's update

      Note : I am using core-I5 with 4GB RAM
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      Guide :


        I suppose multi-core option is ON
        Click image for larger version

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          Easilyconfused if you have multicore toggled on in the game options and then in your PC task manager the performance tab shows it's using one core, that does seem like a bug.

          Are you using an emulator?
          WIZA KIZO YIJO 1935


            I have multicore checked of course. A purely stock install.
            my laptop has Intel integrated graphics.
            Does Anybody with a pc see higher than 1 core usage?
            You can play while task manager is running and then stop and look in the performance tab to see the CPU graph.

            The issue is inconsistent so I'm suspecting something on my end. But I'd like to know whether I should see multi CPU utilization.




                I am running 6 core i5-8400 based system with 8 GB RAM and GTX 1050 Ti graphics.
                Never touched neither multi-core option in the game nor system settings for the game processes.
                And I also installed bigger Win update some days ago, but see no negative effects.

                I checked system load with task manager running aside so could see it all the time, and it showed during the trial: 20-23% CPU load and for graphics load was 25-26%.
                Game reaches constantly 59-60 fps.

                Have the following graphs of CPU load for you (that seems you are interested in):

                Click image for larger version  Name:	Annotation 2020-09-16 203330.jpg Views:	0 Size:	48.0 KB ID:	181236
                First half was recorded while I was playing TL100 , remainig part with visible drops when I closed Eternium completely off.

                So it looks that Eternium indeed uses more than one CPU core on my system.

                Hope it helps.
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                  I noticed a drop off in FPS a couple of days ago during the ANB that I was able to link back to a problem with my WIFI signal. Game was making really jerky movements that made it impossible to track movement of enemy mobs. I plugged Ethernet cable directly into the router to bypass WIFI and was back up to around 60 FPS.


                    Easilyconfused - any conclusions? I am just curious...

                    MS is well known of providing updates that sometimes can break something in the system.
                    Maybe graphics driver needs to be updated.


                      It seems to have stopped happening, but then again, Im playing my push build right now and I had the issues on my xp farmer. But, definitely not multicore.


                        Originally posted by Seba View Post
                        So it looks that Eternium indeed uses more than one CPU core on my system.
                        Actually if I look at that it seems to be the opposite: you really seem to only use 1 thread...

                        In the past, a single CPU used to have 1 core and executed 1 thread. That means the program executes all actions sequentially, nothing in parallel. Then came multi-core computers and suddenly stuff could happen in parallel. However, if your software is not adapted to use more than 1 thread, it will still do all action sequentially.

                        What you're seeing there is Eternium maxing out the speed of a single thread, and your CPU (like most modern CPU's) distributes the workload across the cores to avoid one core from overheating vs the others. So it just has this list of sequential actions, and passes them around one by one to each core.

                        A true multi-threaded program would be able to achieve 100% load *on each core* in parallel. Currently from your screenshot it just looks like you need to sum the percentages of the cores together to come to 100% just *once*.

                        Therefore the speed of Eternium would be identical of you had 1, 2, 8 or 32 cores, since it just allows 1 sequential thread. Only thing to speed it up is increasing processor clock speed, because then all cores all work faster.

                        Or we should hope the Unreal migration fixes this and allows proper multi-threading.

                        Edit: alternative/related hypothesis: the checkbox for multithreading could actually work, but maybe it just stops after 2 threads instead of creating additional ones for each extra CPU you have. In that case the devs wouldn't need to wait until the Unreal migration and could likely fix this relatively easily.
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                          Nice explanation UmbraDei
                          Interesting topic, never was interested that much in multi-threading technology.

                          I made an experiment with Multi-Core setting and have one more graph.
                          Left part was recorded with Multi-Core: ON.
                          Right part was recorded with Multi-Core: OFF.
                          I was constantly running around home town, made only short break in the middle to change the setting of Multi-Core from ON to OFF.

                          Click image for larger version  Name:	Multi-ON-OFF.jpg Views:	0 Size:	49.3 KB ID:	181457

                          Although I haven't noticed any change in performance, but the load of the CPU cores on graphs differs with both settings.
                          So the Multi-Core setting definitely changes something behind...