Hi, I'm a warrior player, play both PC & android.

When I play PC version, I have noticed that Life Steal value goes negative when it exceeds certain damage. During this "negative time", shock wave doesn't seem to work properly or at least damage is seriously reduced.

So far, this seems to be PC (and perhaps android) issue only. I checked it with a IOS mobile warrior expert, and he never noticed this.

I currently tried TL164 garm, and with its red aura buff, Life Steal damage easily exceeds threshold and constantly keeps negative value, and shock wave seems to keep almost 0 damage during this time.

I tested it at training grounds, and the result was same.
what I did is, checking if Life steal is negative -> reset damage stats when it is negative -> perform a shock wave -> check damage stats (see if life steal is still negative)

Shock wave was shown on deal table in this case, but the damage amount was 0.

The link is test video of the bug at Training Grounds.

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