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Performance Problems Android 10 only in High Level Trials

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    Performance Problems Android 10 only in High Level Trials


    I hope this is not a repost. The topic about Android 11 problems seems to go in a different direction.

    i'm playing a Mage with Stormcaller Regalia Set named Reinaldo on a Samsung Tab S4 Tablet. Android Version 10 with all updates. Usually i pull 3-5 groups, cast Vortex with Maggie, then Time Warp, Blizzard und Singularity. Then permanent Arc Lightning. At Lvl 100 everything is fine, 110 also, 120 slower but still playable.From 130 and higher the FPS slows down nearly nearly to 1 when casting my abilities with bigger groups. It was really hard and no fun to get to Lvl 143 with this performance, but thats the maximum for me now.

    I have the actual Version of Eternium (latest Update was the same) and tested a lot of video settings, high or low doesen't make a difference. Sounds like a bug and not a technical problem for me.

    Known issue and does anybody have a solution?



    What game version are you running? You can see the version number on the main menu.


      Thank you for your very fast response Travis.

      Game Version is 1.5.18. Latest Version in the Playstore.


        Did you notice the same behavior before updating to 1.5.18?


          Yes same before. I think it's caused from the event horizon effect from singularity when high level enemies are standing in it and don't die immedeatly like in lower levels.


            I get the same lags on iPad. When vortexing 6 to 8 mobs into the sing/blizzard combo the screen stands still as in 0.5 fps. I have to run around blindly and still get killed a lot. On iPad it starts at tl140.
            Edit: I didn't notice any difference when upgrading to 1.5.17. Reducing 3d and screen resolution helped a little though. But minimizing led to having to draw huge symbols to get them recognized.
            Edit2: It's similar with frostbeaming vortexed mobs
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              I observed exactly the same on my Windows 10 laptop. Version 1.5.18 running the dual wield warrior frog build. Running Eternium on my GPU gives me a solid 140fps at trial 120, even when pulling the complete map at once. At trial level 130 it starts to go down to around 100fps and at 150 down to around 40fps.

              The utilization of my GPU never goes above 30% and there is plenty of RAM available.

              Since we see that problem across all platforms I suspect that this is indeed an issue with Eternium and not a hardware issue.
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                It's most likely a limitation of Marmalade (there are many). The team has been working on performance improvements off and on (back burner) and they implement them here and there. Last I heard, their current focus (in terms of performance improvements) was compressing terrain textures, which would result in faster load times and better overall performance.


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                  I thought Marmalade gave up on its game engine, what, more than two years ago? Porting to Unreal sounds like the way to go, though that would be very expensive I suspect.

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                  Last Marmalade release was in 2016. So, yeah, it's fairly out-of-date. However, the current battle between Apple and Epic has probably created some uncertainty around Unreal. So another engine, e.g. Unity or so, may be a better choice. Just my two cents worth....

                • Travis | Support Mgr.
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                  No news there. The port has taken a back seat until the current version is more "feature complete". Once the game is stable feature and balance-wise, the team will refocus on a port.