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Possible to craft random attributes on equipment (1.5.18)

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    Possible to craft random attributes on equipment (1.5.18)

    r4wfish and I have made some observations about a bug which could allow people to gain an unfair advantage if exploited. I won't explain how it can be exploited to gain an advantage, but I will explain the details of the bug.

    Game Version: 1.5.18

    Invalid Attributes: For context, there are restrictions that limit the attributes which can be selected while crafting some types of equipment. For example, bracers are class-specific equipment. As such, only attributes which are used by your hero's class can be selected while crafting a bracer. Frost Damage would be considered an invalid attribute while crafting a bracer as a Warrior, just as Movement Speed would be considered invalid on any pair of gloves.

    Example (Method 1): When crafting a trinket (non-class-specific equipment), all attributes except for Movement Speed are available to be selected. If a player selects a type of elemental damage that is not used by the class being played (a valid attribute for non-class-specific equipment such as trinkets), then switches to craft a belt or bracer, the elemental damage becomes an invalid attribute but remains selected. If the player then crafts the item while the invalid attribute is selected, the invalid attribute is replaced with a random attribute.

    The example above only allows selecting invalid attributes on belts and bracers. Using other methods, it is possible to select invalid attributes on other types of equipment as well. For example, it is possible to select Parry Rating on a Mage's helm. Several types of equipment (especially Mage and BH armor and weapons) are affected by this bug and should be addressed while fixing the bug.

    Replication (Disclaimer): In order to discover all methods of replication, much testing is needed. The proposed solution does not depend on extensive understanding of how to replicate this bug.

    Current Situation (Bug): Attempting to craft an item with invalid attributes selected will result in the invalid attributes being replaced with random attributes.

    Expected Situation (Proposed Solution): Invalid attributes should be removed / cleared / deselected as soon as you select a class-specific item to craft.
    BH: Shade
    Mage: Muse
    Warrior: Shade

    For a list of guides I've created, click here.

    The method by which the game handles movement speed works properly. If the dev team is made aware of this bug, I'm confident the bug with other attributes can be resolved. I'm happy to share screenshots and/or speak directly to the Eternium team if I can help.
    Mage, BH, and Warrior: Rawfish
    Name for now: Fixdropplz


      Shade Glow I think this is the same thing I reported a while back here


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        It is, and I linked your post in my report. This is sort of a double whammy. It's a stand alone bug report as well as an answer to your post.