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1.5.28 Tesla Armaments Set bug

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    1.5.28 Tesla Armaments Set bug

    Game version: __1.5.28
    Android + version: __10
    Device Model : __Huawei Mate 20 Pro
    Map or Trial : __Any
    Player Type : __BH
    Player Gear: __Tesla Armaments Set
    Abilities: __Primary attack - Scatter shot
    Reproducible: __5/5

    Current situation (bug):
    When equipped the set does not increase the range of your scatter shot anymore

    Expected situation (working):
    According to the two pieces bonus description, the set should increase the range of scatter shot by 2

    Steps reproduce the bug:
    1. Start the game with a BH toon
    2. Equip tesla set
    3. Select scatter shot as your primary attack
    4. Run a random map/trail
    5. Try to shot some monsters from a distance

    Has this been fixed?


      3 months. Still not fixed! Ver 1.5.38
      Why bother. Just replace the description of Scatter Shot to -2 rather than +2, as that is what the range is. Lethal or Explosive shot has a greater range than scatter shot

      Michael Garrison


        This was supposed to be fixed in 1.5.38: Is anyone else still seeing it bugged? Just looking for confirmation before I bring it up with the devs.


          For me it is fixed on Android 1.5.38


            On 1.5.38 on Windows and I just tried it. Explosive shot still has longer range than Scatter shot, even when using Tesla set.
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              The tesla set does not extend the range of Explosive or of Lethal to the point where they are shooting as far as Scatter shot before the break. Although they may shoot farther than use too as I did not take account of the range of them as I had with Scatter. I did not have to move back to the chest before now I do.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	SS_2021-03-30_160612.png
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Name:	SS_2021-03-30_160755.png
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              Michael Garrison


                6 1/2 month and still not fixed for mobil. But we have PvP¿ I can not say what I really want to as I would be banned for this life and the life here after.

                Michael Garrison and whatever I usually put here.