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    Arena Error Message

    I am attaching the error message that I get when the Arena freezes. I am playing on a Windows 10 PC with a stable internet connection. This usually occurs in the first few seconds of the battle about the time that I trigger my first attack.

    Click image for larger version

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    When you click the button to Continue, the whole game crashes and I lose my Arena ticket for that battle. I am mostly playing on the free tickets, but I would be quite angry if I had just bought a ticket for that battle.

    This is caused by a known memory leak that the devs are working to track down. Try the following (in order):
    1. Open your app manager and find Eternium.
    2. Force close the app.
    3. Clear the app data/cache.
    4. Restart your device.
    5. Launch the game and login.
    6. Select the first level in Act 1, tap "play", then allow the updates to completely install before tapping "start".

    Once the updates have installed, you can avoid memory heap errors by not leaving the game open for too long. You should close and reopen the game every now and again to flush the memory.


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      Thanks! I will give that a try.

    Gonna piggyback so as not to clog the boards: A couple times a week I get an error box during PVP and have to close game (thereby losing the fight automatically). Latest error reads:

    "Heap 0 out of memory. Allocating 78643200 bytes but only 126832208 available (73262316 LFB). Increase icf setting [s3e] MemSize (current value is 300000000)."

    I realize this is a new feature and bugs need to be worked out. Just adding for the record.


      Bug still appears, no idea what to do (playing PC version)