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Unwanted sex change in new update?

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    Unwanted sex change in new update?

    Dear Developers, first off the new patch looks great even at the character selection screen.

    However, I am only made mages to really figure out that playstyle before I move to other classes. I noticed most of my characters underwent a sex change.

    Main: noir Named after the female lead in one of my favorite male

    XP farmer: Lina
    Named after the female main in the hilarious anime slayers...still female

    gold farmer: Qarth
    Named after the extremely healthy city in game of thrones...still male

    the last character is for the ANB and cycles through noirbr, noirs and noirg also male now.

    Is this this sex change intended?


    Not sure why this would have happened, but I can fix it. What gender is Noirbr supposed to be?


    • Noir
      Noir commented
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      No worries, the noirbr, noirs, noirg are ANB characters and will be deleted when I grinded the gems I used during the event back. Thanks for helping, knowing that the secret gates can be opened triggered my interest and will be exciting to figure out.

      Edit: although I don't think sex does have impact on the gameplay and is just for visual purpose could you change back my main to female?. IGN noir, character slot 1. Thank you for your help.
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    • Travis | Support Mgr.
      Travis | Support Mgr. commented
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      ...and you can't really open those coming soon gates. That was a joke.

    I gathered so much when I saw the date of posting...we stay in philippines and it was already sencond of april which caught me off guard...however, joke of not, earning access is an interesting when getting all recipes at liana or max level crafting something town-based.

    Anyway, thank you changing Noir back, I wish people could see the supportive community and the rapid service/response from the team behind the game. I have been GM and forum mod for Mayn games, 12sky and know how much time it takes and how hard it is to keep the players base happy and engaged. Thanks again.