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Title "Challenger" can't be got rid of

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    Title "Challenger" can't be got rid of

    Eternium 1.5.42 / Androud 8.1

    I just received the Medals for Season 5 - and the title "Challenger".
    Afterwards, the first time I tapped a toon's name inside the Inventory Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20210409-222817_Eternium.png
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ID:	195776 , I was presented with a choice for which title I wanted to use - "None" or "Challenger". I tapped "None" and thought that was it.
    Not at all: now every tap on any toon's name - INCLUDING THE NEW ANB CHARACTER! - brings up that annoying box; the selection of "None" is obviously ignored completely.

    Desired result: make my choice "stick".
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    In the past few years I tried several styluses (also for my current phone, Galaxy S9), but never could find one that worked better for me than my fingers.

    As for "feature": I meant the box in which "None" originally lead me to suppose that ("be gone, spawn of darkness") this would be more than "Try again later", as for me personally it is quite clear that I WON'T change my mind - I had enough contact with ranks during my time in the Army to last me a lifetime.