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Mage Immolate Game Play Bug

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    Mage Immolate Game Play Bug

    The description for level 10 of Immolate says it covers a wider area. However, my experience is that if you cast it on a group of mobs, every group in every direction anywhere near the mage come running. I can start a level 92 trial, cast immolate on the mobs to the bottom right on my screen and the groups straight ahead, to the bottom left and to my left and right all come at me. I don't think immolate is supposed to do this.

    You need to provide a lot more details like what platform you are using and gear and all stuff requested for a bug report.

    I do not see what you are describing. When I use Immolate, only the group that I cast the ability on are impacted. This is true even when other groups are also engaged.

    Are you sure that you are not seeing the Shatter effect? If you are running with a Grand Magister's Command Set and cast either a Blizzard or a Frost Nova, then all actively engaged enemies can be frozen. Frozen enemies are impacted when you cast Immolate when you have a complete Grand Magister's set. Set up the attack correctly and the entire map can be damaged by Immolate if the entire map is frozen.

    This ability to Shatter large areas of the map is fundamental to and a source of most of the damage caused by the Regalia build.

    If you are seeing the Blizzard/Frost Nova combined with Immolate and Grand Magister's effect? This is not a bug.

    If you are truly seeing the damage when only a Immolate has been cast? Then there is an issue.


      As Tin Man pointed out what you are describing looks like the shatter effect from GMC/Regalia. Your Immolate only triggers it.

      If you cast Frost Nova while Frosbolt is equipped , it will trigger Northern Wind...resulting in all enemies (as far as you can see and above) counts as frozen.
      When you cast Immolate while Northern Wind is up the shatter effect will kick in.
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      • Tin Man
        Tin Man commented
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        Thanks for the correction as I forget to mention that Frostbolt must also be equipped rather than just GMC.

      Grand_Wazoo It gets more complicated.

      If you have Frostbolt equipped even if you do not have Frost Nova or Blizzard equipped, then you have a chance to have freeze enemies when using any attack even if not using Frostbolt. That frozen and stun effect, without using Frost Nova, can generate a Shatter just like when using Frost Nova. This only happens when you have the complete GMC equipped.

      I had never heard mention of this undocumented effect nor noticed it until chasing down another rabbit hole for Mr. RockDoc . The effect has been present since at least v1.5.18.

      Edit: Only the freeze effect initiates. The Northern Wind does not engage. Edited to remove the Northern Wind reference.
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        Thank you for shedding light on this.
        Guess we never noticed it because most people (if not all) uses Frostbolt with Frost Nova to get that 100% chance for Northern Wind.

        Click image for larger version

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        • Tin Man
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          Exactly. The same exact Shatter from the frozen effect being generated from Frost Nova or Blizzard. This is just a frozen that you have, apparently, no control over. Pounding away with Arc Lightning regularly generates the frozen effect. The only difference that I spot? The Northern Wind icon on the left does not appear. Only the Frost Nova icon appears on the right.

          Keep in mind that casting a fire Support Ability removes the frozen effect, as indicated on the right, as stated since you can cast multiple fire Support Abilities in a row for multiple Shatters with the frozen effect not disengaging but the Northern Wind remains in effect. It is easy to get two Shatters from one Northern Wind even though the Frost Nova icon no longer shows.

          Just some things that seem to not strictly match the descriptions. We all know that never happens.

        Back to the original query, what gear are you running with and what abilities do you have equipped?

        It is suspected that you are seeing a Shatter when you cast your Immolate. The question is what is generating the Shatter.

        If you still have questions? Provide information about your gear and abilities along with the application version number and platform.

        A bug report is typically done with the following information included.