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Stuck outside of Act 2 maps

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    Stuck outside of Act 2 maps

    Every time I try to play stones and bones it generates me outside of the arena and there is no path into the arena.
    please fix!

    Just keep trying. Eventually, you'll spawn inside the playable area. These map/clipping issues will be resolved soon.



      This is happening in the new 2nd world levels. When the number of times that you start a level exceed the number when you do not start at the beginning, I am often starting out of boundary and can not do anything but abort.
      At 30 seconds penalty, this is not acceptable in the events! Thankfully it happened to me with a non-event character.

      Click image for larger version

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      Michael Garrison


        Luckily, the current "randomise starting location" code only kicks in when you have started the more than 20 times and your char is at level 70 - it would only affect the event char for your farming map... but yeah, the whole randomise start need revisiting...
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          I found it doesn't only happen after 20 times. I was trying to get 5 stars on all levels for the gems but gave up on one of Act 2 levels. It only had one star from my first story run through from probably years ago and I got spawned out of bounds 5 times in a row so gave up on it. I also find that the newly refreshed levels are too crowded with scenery and find it hard to see where I'm supposed to go. Might just be my aging eyes though.


            The number of stars doesn't matter, since that's how many times you have actually finished the level... The random start is based purely on how many times you started the level (doesn't matter if you finished it or abandoned) and for any difficulties too - if you started 20 times on Normal, your first run on Heroic will be randomised, if your char is at level 70 already.
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              Once while playing story mode on the Scent of Home level I was walking up a ramp when my character slipped down into the below trees, becoming stuck. Also, while playing a trial level as BH, as I ran around my enemies for the 52nd time, approximately, I somehow entered the nearby treeline and happily waited for a barrage of missiles to end my life.


                anyone else that stucks here and cant play this field? last 10 days cant find a way to get out and always spawns me there each time i restart ..


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                  Yes. Had to try several times before getting a proper location. Always that map.

                Having a lot of issues with new act 2 with the toon getting trapped by the terrain. I click on an area to move to and the toon will run into a space that is very difficult to get out of. Clicking on another area doesn't cause it to move to the area, have to randomly find the exact point to click on to get out of it.


                  Yeah frustrating if your a Mage or Bounty Hunter, whereas if your a warrior leaping about is the only way to go and there are lots of shortcuts by jumping over walls etc


                  • Kristoff
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                    That's why warrior is my go-to for story farming.

                  El segundo mundo, me ha desilusionado mucho. Hay muchos lugares donde te metes y no puedes apenas salir. Los límites están muy mal definidos, los niveles son absurdamente largos y tediosos. No se ve bien el camino. Los bosses apenas se distinguen de los bots normales y aún acabando el nivel, te salen más bots y rincones con tesoros. No acabas nunca!
                  Los gráficos, sí, son de resolución fantástica pero introducís bots de 3er y 4º mundo. Se desordena todo y no me parece nada bueno. Confuso. Muy confuso. Muy mal optimizado. Parece hecho con prisas y con desarrolladores externos o ajenos que no han jugado ni probado el juego al completo.
                  Muy desencantado, la verdad.
                  Luego, el diseño de los vestuarios. Pésimo el diseño de las capas, las confundo con las hombreras, muy malo.
                  Estoy desilusionado.


                    Game version: 1.5.74

                    Windows/IOS/Android + version: iOS 14.8

                    Device Model: APPLE iPhone 11 pro

                    Map or Trial: Map level Drakenmoor Citadel

                    Player Type: any

                    Player Gear: any

                    Abilities: any

                    Reproducible: 4/5 (only bc IF I die, it’s not always close to the bridge)

                    Current situation (bug): If you die during the final fight at Drakenmoor Citadel, you get revived inside fenced area with houses bottom left of screen. This occurs if you are too close to the bottom-most wooden bridge leading to the boss area. Tried portalling home and back in from different angles but keep getting stuck and unable to finish level unless restarting it.

                    Expected situation (working): respawning in boss area being able to move.

                    Steps reproduce the bug:
                    1. Enter boss area via bottom left bridge.
                    2. Stay too close to the bridge.
                    3. Die.

                    Unable at this point to provide screen shot, sorry.


                      I get spawned on the map edge and there is no way to walk down. Heroic and Normal spawn point is fine with no issues. Have restarted multiple times, it is happening on both the android and steam versions.Installed Steam to check after I got stuck so it was a clean install.
                      Used Leap to get past it but aggravating.
                      Need to set up something to host photos and I can add some screen shots if you need them.


                      • Travis | Support Mgr.
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                        Thanks for the report. I moved your post to the existing thread on the topic.

                      PC: game version 1.5.81
                      In 2.17 you can spawn at an area that you cant escape but its pretty rare.
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                        I got stuck in a lava pool in Canyons of Whisperes.
                        Took me 15 minutes to get out. It was one at beginning of the level.

                        Screen shot of the lava pool.


                        • Borden
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                          Have also got stuck but close portal out and started over