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Game Play - daily quests only appear when offline

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    Game Play - daily quests only appear when offline

    Version 1.5.84
    Amazon fire tablet HD 8 10th generation
    Mage lvl 70
    Warrior lvl 40
    ANB Mage lol 70

    When offline in town jeweller and recipe seller have exclamation marks.
    1 click on one and a msg says that must be online to do daily.
    2 go online and the exclamation marks disappear , no quests available

    ​​​​​​​Have not been able to do quests for a few days now.


    It's sounds like you local cache may be having an issue. Try clearing the app cache for Eternium.


    • Valento
      Valento commented
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      Hi, I cleared the cache but the same issue remains.
      I was able to do one quest from the jeweller today, but that was all.
      No daily quests appear unless I'm offline. Then when I go online the dailies disappear. Somehow the jeweller's daily appeared on my current quest even though I was unable to accept it. But was able to complete it. Any advice?

    • Travis | Support Mgr.
      Travis | Support Mgr. commented
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      What's your friend code?