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Chargers confused on WW10 suck end

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    Chargers confused on WW10 suck end

    Game version: 1.5.84
    Windows/IOS/Android: Android v12
    Device Model: Samsung Galaxy A52
    Map or Trial: Multiple
    Player Type (EX: Mage): Warrior

    Player Gear: Deidre's Resolve, Void Blade, epic quest reward gear, no other special effects on gear
    Abilities: Whirlwind L10, Leap L7, Charge L6
    Reproducible: 4/5 = happens often (you have to time it right and not kill the target)

    Current situation (bug):
    I noticed when speed clearing by using WW10 + Charge, charging enemies that don't execute their charge or die when the WW suck runs out will return to the point they attempted to begin their charge. Since I'm moving fast, this can be a long way. They are still active enemies, but I can follow them back to that point before they will turn around and attack me.

    Expected situation (working):
    Enemies caught in the middle of a charge execute their charge wherever they are dragged to.

    Steps: Easiest to see in City of Malador (cuz walls), happens a lot in Paths of Sand (few jump points, lots of chargers)
    1. Use Whirlwind L10 and drag a group to the next group using your Charge skill
    2. Luckily catch and drag a charging enemy in the middle of his special attack
    3. Wait for your Whirlwind to end and hope you don't kill the enemy (esp watch DOT)
    4. Follow enemy back to his charge starting point (to observe the wildlife, you see)

    Reproducible with both minotaurs and lizards. Like I said, your Whirlwind has to run out in the middle of their charge, so timing is difficult. I do have an occasional issue with a level not ending even though I have no combat indication (my mercs are bored), maybe this is the reason.

    Manageable, just don't think it's WAI. Thanks for a great game!

    P.S. Quick edit, I meant that the yellow enemy charge indicator is on the ground when you suck them in, not that they are actually charging
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