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Toon stuck IN building??

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    Toon stuck IN building??

    I'm playing a Bounty Hunter in Drakemoor Citadel (legenday level) and it somehow got into building! In fact it's a whole row of buildings right next before the final fight. I was hitting the last defend ers before the bridge, and when they disappeared so did all 3 of my toons. Once I figured out they were actually inside the scenery it took me 2 tries to get a portal close enough for them to enter. But returning only put them back stuck inside the row of buildings. Same result on the second try. So the only way out, quit the level?


    That's a new one, ROTFLMAO!

    I may try to find that myself!

    There are still plenty of these little "gems" that are scattered throughout Story, getting your toon stuck here and there. If you can't leap out (if a warrior), the easiest solution is to just end the map and start over.​​​​

    P.S. -- Then, again, it the issue could be because of your user name.
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      Yeah, wish it had been my warrior playing, just to see if she could leap out.

    Sadly a lot of these little hidden passageways are dead ends. There are a few useful ones, such as the elevator behind Kara's lair in map 55 The Underworld, the drop off between the 2nd and 3rd column after completing the challenge on map 30 The Rusty Planet, and the secret passage through the vine covered wall near the locked gate in map 46 Dragon's Crag, which saves time on that challenge.

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      Getting stuck in a building...haven't hit that trap yet.
      Usually, I defeat carnivorous scenery by moving (whichever non-Warrior) hero in all possible directions. A U-shaped move is effective some of the time. The game dumps my teams in the Canyon of Whispers lava pit so often, running straight down the screen to escape is automatic.
      Today, my BH got caught behind a chest. In each direction, the toon was stuck so hard the whole scene vibrated. I had to slow down and make tiny direction changes to get free.

      Bites hard when it happens during ANB or with a currency booster.