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Warning! Do not ever put one piece of gear or jewelry on top of another!

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  • Medamanaman

    can you give specifics of your installation?

    I tried on my mobile (Android 8.1, current app version, ELR Mage) a number of things:
    -dropped various items within the 7x8 grid on one another,
    -dropped a newly crafted Green item on a second Equipped Green item,
    -dropped an equipped item onto one on the grid,
    -dropped the same type/different types onto one another,

    No "success"; maybe it's platform specific?

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  • chessmaster58
    Thank you very much for this Probably even easier to do on Mobile

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  • Kristoff
    commented on 's reply
    You're welcome!

    Profit from my misfortune...

  • Ozymandius
    Ouch, thanks for sharing...

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  • Warning! Do not ever put one piece of gear or jewelry on top of another!

    You might not recall, but I recently lost a bracer of mastery. As in, it suddenly disappeared from my character's inventory. Today, I was able to replicate the bug or glitch when I placed an integralas mantle on top of a talisman of storms.

    I got a split-second message that went something like, "Marmalade error: placing item on another" or a similar statement, and the mantle just vanished. Anyway, it's actually pretty easy to make this mistake when removing or trying on new gear, so please be careful.
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