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Eternium quests glitch

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    Eternium quests glitch

    Hi, I created my second character in eternium, there is a quest call it, "Crafting Jewellery", and the next one would be "Ring Fusion", I completed those quests after beating kara (the last boss), I was completing the sub quests, I completed "Proving Grounds", after that I should get the sub quests "Through Fire and Steel", "Chemical Warfare", "The Power of the Enemy", "Cover of Darkness", "Breaking the Resitence", "Clear the Catacombs", "Kara's Secret Power", but I can't get the next sub quest.

    I think completing those 2 quests after beating kara triggers the glich (or perhaps during the sub quests), can you guys make a patch for the game, fixing that glitch?

    I think this is intentional, but I have to leave a day, and then the extra quests start appearing again … always happens like that


    • Tin Man
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      Assuming that this is not a new profile and you have already run the Daily Quest cycle for the day:

      The reason why you have to wait a day is because you did not go to 4-49 Scartree Forest unprompted.

      You see a prompt to go to 4-49 after twenty-four hours because you have gone through a Daily Quest cycle and unsuspectingly activated the 4-49 side-quest at the same time.


      The Daily Quest for the second half of Act II goes active once you complete all the side-quests through 4-47 Morgenheim. If you have only gone through 4-48 Desolation Desert when your next round of Daily Quests come through, then the game only has one option for the Act IV - Part II Daily Quest when it renews and that option is 4-48.

      What does going through the Daily Quest cycle have to do with suddenly being prompted to go to 4-49?

      Well, when running 4-48 with the Daily Quest active, you will see an active dialogue box for Grizzwald when you enter 4-48. However, you will also see later in the level that there is a yellow exclamation point above Kanthara. Clicking on Kanthara will open up the dialogue box for the Through Fire and Steel quest that is for 4-49. Go ahead and finish 4-48 and do whatever housekeeping you wish to do and there will now be a prompt on 4-49. I suspect that you have been clicking on this dialogue box for Kanthara without even thinking about what it is doing there.

      Sound about right?

      Okay, so, how to fix it? Well, you have several options:

      First, the exist is to not pause and just go straight to 4-49 Scartree Forest even though the game does not ask you to go there. Everything will progress fine from there.

      Second, run 4-48 Desolation Desert again immediately after clearing the side-quest for 4-48.

      I am doing drugs you say?

      The first time that you run through 4-48 after having cleared the side-quest for 4-48, unless you have already cleared the side-quest for 4-49, will cause you to see the yellow exclamation point above Kanthara once you encounter the NPC. See, what happens is that the Through Fire and Steel side-quest that is assigned to 4-49 will cause the box to appear above Kanthara the first time you encounter the NPC after having cleared the 4-48 side-quest. Get it?

      This option is rather convoluted to me but it actually does work.

      Honestly, just go straight to 4-49 after completing the side-quest for 4-48 and everything will work. Honest.

      The Daily Quests are all kinds of screwed up since they decided to make the kneejerk move of making you run the levels again after completing Normal in order to clear the side-quests and unlock the remaining four Daily Quests. Fortunately you only have to clear the side-quests through 4-47 to have all five Daily Quests unlocked.

      How the side-quests and Daily Quest unlocking are handling is completely confusing to many players, especially new players that are clueless. There is, however, a reason why they behave the way that they do. The side-quests were not designed to be done separately from the main quests. The biggest oddity is why the Daily Quest for Act I unlocks the first time you complete Act I and all the Act I main quests albeit with a slight time delay or possibly having to complete through 2-21. I usually see the first Daily Quest unlocked around the time I complete 2-21 for the first time. Go figure.
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    After completing the proving grounds sub quest and collecting the ring, you need to then go and start the next level.

    There you will get the next sub quest as it comes from the captain of the guard character at the start of the level