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What are your "top 3" bugs?

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    What are your "top 3" bugs?

    Let's do another "top 3" list now that the Making Fun team is a bit more up to speed on Marmalade and a number of top bugs have been fixed in the last few months.

    If you could only have 3 bugs fixed, which bugs would they be? Please prioritize your list.

    Note: This is NOT a feature request list. Please do not ask for new content or balance changes on this thread.

    Can only think of two at the moment which affect me:

    1) That annoying map bug you get when repeating a trial level for the umpteenth time when farming xp in ANBs. Map loads and you then try to move your toon but they are stuck. Warriors with leap can use that to move around somewhat by leaping from point to point but otherwise, you are stuck at the spawn point.

    2) In story mode, running or spawning into areas where you cannot get out. Unless you are a warrior and can leap out, otherwise, you are stuck.

    You have already fixed the beam/vortex problem for mobile mages.


    • Travis | Support Mgr.
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      Can you expand on #1? It reads very similar to #2 (stuck in terrain).

    This is what I'm thinking about for #1. Sorry but couldn't work out how to add link in comment.
    Game version: __ 1.5.57 (never saw this before) Windows/IOS/Android + version: __Android 8.1 Device Model (EX: Apple iPhone7) : __Samsung Galaxy S9 Map or Trial (EX: Trial Level 92): __ TL105 Player Type (EX: Mage): __ Mage Player Gear: __ ELR/GMC Abilities: __ see screenshot Reproducible: __ 2/5 Current situation (bug):


      For me, as warrior:
      1. SW Bug John replied that it will be fixed and that is very pleasing)
      2. like @Wulfric​ posted stuckmap bug


        1) Warrior Shockwave bug on PC. Not cool, even if I don't play the class much.

        2) LodWig's point here is more concerning to me than my original #2 and #3:

        3) Map spawn into terrain where player can't move.
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          Thank you for asking. I'm a warrior player.
          Here is my top 3:

          1. warrior's pc shockwave bug.
          2. warrior's pc shockwave bug.
          3. warrior's pc shockwave bug.

          Thank you!


            1. Mage...further lessen lag effect for SCR (immune text\event horizon), already great improvement but still there
            2. stuck in terrain or beginning of TL
            3. (bug ?) Mage.... make non-foes , boulders\cactuses etc., non-attackable (beam) and autoattack stays on boss and does not switch to walk-ins\
            minions on its own (SCR)
            Backyard FireLily (gloriosa superba)
            [ BrokenGarm , LenniGold , LenniXP ]


            • Bali_Lenni
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              :-) top 3 reforge = same as Lodwig 2 posts below ! (forgot point 1., newly aware of 2.\3.)

            I think the toon stuck at the start of the trial levels is related to the anti bot protocol to keep cheaters out. The spawn in a stuck spot in story is the same, but also related to how many times a toon has played that level...

            The arc lightning not reaching further could change. Not really a bug...

            Also reforging damage types and having them actually stick/save, however you want to phrase it...

            I pretty much only play mage on my mobile device, but have noticed a delay in the shatter effect. Might have something to do with not hitting a enemy with FN first, but definitely happens more often lately. Could just be me, tho


            • Travis | Support Mgr.
              Travis | Support Mgr. commented
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              The reforge bug will be fixed in an upcoming update.

            • Bali_Lenni
              Bali_Lenni commented
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              (sorry , dumb Q,)what is the reforge bug ?

            • Travis | Support Mgr.
              Travis | Support Mgr. commented
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              In 1.8.7, if you reforge an item with 2 types of elemental damage, the changes will be gone when you restart the game.

            1. UI bugs, especially points 1 and 5 to 8. Note there is an easy partial fix to point 7.
            2. Repeated Healing of Foes upon Hero Death.
            3. Tavern Buffs loss.
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            Mobile Only (iPhone 5 / iPad Air 1st gen / iPad Pro 11" 2nd gen)
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              Now let me think of 3 bugs that annoy and fixing would benefit just selfish ole me!... Nah c'mon Carl, Number 1, Re-forge of the elemental damage bug fix would be nice for eveyone, Number 2, The getting stuck (even tho play mostly Mage) is not in my opinion that bad to waste a bug fix on, number three dunno yet brb...
              So only 1 really the Re-forge fix.
              The shockwave one seems popular so that's 2 and maybe those Tavern boosters need looking at which Lodwig mentions, I have always thought that they stop working? that's 3 hooray :-)
              p.s. That annoying dead part of the screen just above and to the left and right of the center screen (where you want to move and attack something below you) It doesn't respond and you have to tap miles away to move the toon. Sorry that's 4 now lol.


              • Anjaeka
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                I’m glad you brought up the “dead spot”. I thought it was my phone that was the issue. It drives me nuts!

              Don't really consider it a bug but ... kind of a long standing 'state of affairs' that for all intents and purposes ... is wrong.

              The Damage display does not correctly display for Fire Lily builds.

              I am not really sure how important this is - or how 'easy' or 'difficult' it would be to fix.

              It would be nice if it was fixed ... but I also don't know how much people depend on the accuracy of the stats anyway?

              ... ktb


                On mobile

                1)Not sure if this is a bug but I noticed certain attacks will by pass certain defensive attributes. I.e. when the broken dragon and garm the keep use there knock back/4 sec stun skill to damage over time the damage goes straight hp. Meaning it seems that armour, dodge, block, reflect/deflect, have no effect. I don't know about parry because I didn't have it on at the time. This is the first time I've seen it in a game so I'm not sure if its intended to be that or if it's a bug.

                2)Not sure if this is a bug and made it into a thread on the bug section but the way devastate doesn't cast in certain situations such as exact position when close to enemy, even tho you can be close but it still might fail for whatever reason. The skill is more likely to work if you cast it on the left side of the screen then almost anywhere else against big targets like dragons. Even then still tricky. The skill seems to be most successful on mobs which is cool but since it's design for single target it's needed against bosses the most.

                3)Garm the keeper can knock you back for the full 4 second stun even when you are not in front of it. I could stand right behind it and it will still happen. Doesn't look like that was intended to be that way since there's no animation to show why that is supposed to happen.

                4)Sorry couldn't resist a 4th one tho you said 3.

                In arena the enemys hp on some warriors at random because I can't remember encountering the same warrior more than once beyond occasionally-the hp will slowly drop to 50% and stay at that exact spot. Might go up or down a little bit in combat but over all stay at that spot on average. Only gear I know of is the defender weapon set that makes you take 50% less DMG when your hp drops below 50%. Problem is I've checked the gear on the warrior after leaving the battle any they're not wearing that set. I can't think of any reason as to why that would happen. This is a bit frustrating because after waiting a long time to get there hp to that point and wanting to win the fight it's becomes clear that they're not going to lose.


                  1) The dead spot in the center of the touchscreen as mentioned above. This drives me absolutely nuts. My mage stops moving, won’t attack and sits there getting pummeled until I find the sweet spot to get my hero to respond. I only notice this happening on trials.
                  2) Auto attacks targeting random objects like rocks and trees. It’s particularly noticeable with frost beam. In fact, frost beam is finicky as hell on mobile. I’d say “vortex after beam” only really works half the time. If you vortex too close, it doesn’t work correctly. Sometimes the frost beam completely ignores vortex and targets a random object.
                  3) Arc lightning coming up short on targets. My mage is engaged with a target, but arc lighting doesn’t actually reach or even trigger aggro. When using auto attack it will focus on a target on the other side of a barrier like a wall and sticks there not wanting to disengage. This doesn’t happen with any other primary attack. Frostbolt, fireball and arcane bolts only lock on a target it can reach. Arc lightning should be functioning the same way.


                  • laffcarl
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                    I'm surprised you still got an un-smashed phone, those sure are 3 of the most annoying things about a beam mage

                  1) My most annoying bug is IPad related - On Act III screen, Oasis behind the worlds so you cannot see it along with most of Sands. I small amount of the same on Act IV screen.
                  2) stuck in world
                  3) Pythia telling me that my leaderboard position is someone else but that is probably not a game issue.