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Level 6 (dungeon) crash

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  • Level 6 (dungeon) crash

    I sent a crash report, but I figured I would post here as well. I'm playing on a Shield K1, and I think I have been in Power-Saving mode both times (not sure if this would cause it or not).

    I am signed up for Beta, but I'm playing in the latest regular build.

    Level 6 keeps crashing at the second-to-last fight (the horde right before the boss). I've had it happen twice today, and I wasted keys both times because of it. Both times I was playing as my bounty hunter with all 3 default minions.

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    You may have some corrupted game files. Please try the following (in order):
    # If you haven't already, create an Eternium account using the "save now" button on the left side of the game's main screen.
    # Open your app manager and find Eternium.
    # Force close the app.
    # Clear the app data/cache.
    # Make sure you have a stable network connection.
    # Launch the game and login.
    # Select the first level in Act 1, tap "play", then allow the updates to completely install before tapping "start".


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      Thanks! I actually ended up switching to the beta version, which I assume would likewise clear all data. It greatly reduced the crashes. I have crashed still, but it was reduced by maybe 90% and not as consistently (not the same spot in the same level).
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