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  • Ring disappeared

    I was working on making another legendary ring and I accidentally equipped a ring by double tapping it and my legendary ring disappeared please help!!

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    Did you email Travis? What's your friends code?


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      I'm guessing you sold the ring by mistake. If you haven't closed the game, you can find it in the buyback area. If you've closed the game, then the buyback area has been cleared out and the only way to replace it is to roll your game back to a point when you still had the ring. Backups are made of your game data the first time you login after 00:00 UTC daily (if you're playing online). Looking at your backups, it looks like you've been playing offline. The last time you connected to the server was December 18th. Would you like me to roll your game data back to the 18th? You would lose anything you've done in the last 3.5 weeks.


      • #4 admin dashboard shows that your profile was updated today, which means that you connected to the server today (...which means that there should be a backup for today). I have an engineer looking into why there isn't a more recent backup.


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          Ok, I've got a "bad news, good news, bad news" situation. The bad news is backups weren't being made due to a server issue. The good news is that the issue is resolved and backups are being made regularly now. The other bad news is that the last backup of your game data was made on December 18th, which means that rolling your game data back isn't an option...unless you want to go back 3.5 weeks.


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            I've definitely been playing online and no I didn't sell it after I equipped the green ring it there was an error/notice thing can't remember what it said. Yeah I don't wanna have to go back that far there's nothing else you can do?
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              One thing to try, see if the item have become "invisible" - I recall seeing a few posts about this with respect to the "double click" thing, which is something I avoid doing in the game. And I do recall it happened to me recently, after accidental double click due to the game lagging - only vaguely though, after a long day of work and crafting...

              Get one item and move it around to all empty slots in your inventory and stash, the "invisible" item "might" swap back out.

              Again, I only vaguely recall it happening, so there's no guarantee of anything. At least it's something you can try...
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                Nhat's suggestion isn't a bad one. There was an issue with items disappearing when using double-tap in a previous build but it was fixed a couple months ago. Yours is only the second report I've received since the fix and the other report ended up just being a case of confusion. Unfortunately, without backups, there's nothing I can do.

                Do me a favor and shoot an email to, so I can get some more detailed info. Thanks.


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                  Oh my god my heart hurts for you bruh... I hope yours get resolved. there's still hope :