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Is Arc Lightning Attack Speed and Damage suppose to stack?

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  • Is Arc Lightning Attack Speed and Damage suppose to stack?

    Game version: 1.2.88
    Windows/IOS/Android + version: Android (4.4.4)
    Device Model (EX: Apple iPhone7) : Samsung Galaxy J1 (SM-J100Y)
    Map or Trial (EX: Trial Level 92): Training Ground (but pretty sure it applies everywhere
    Player Type (EX: Mage): Mage
    Player Gear: None
    Abilities: Arc Lightning
    Reproducible: 5/5

    Found a number of interesting things while testing Arc Lightning for Haste interaction with %based modifiers?

    Click image for larger version  Name:	arc lightning.png Views:	1 Size:	199.2 KB ID:	85973

    Arc Lightning appears to be giving 50% Attack Speed bonus

    Searching through the forum resulted in the following notes on Arc (Chain) Lightning:

    1. Upcoming changes in 1.2.11
    Chain lightning attack speed buff has a maximum stack limit of 10.
    Chain lightning attack speed debuff has a maximum stack limit of 5.
    But there's no "attack speed debuff" - so I'm guessing that it have since been changed to the Damage bonus one, couldn't find any mention of this though...

    2. Also, just realised this from 1.2.65 game update notes
    Arc Lightning (rank 10) now deals 180% weapon damage (was 140%).
    But the abitlity's description says 185%

    I couldn't find anything else that mention Arc/Chain Lightning specifically, so don't know if there are any other intentional changes. Please see the linked thread at the start for more details of the test, didn't want to repost too many things.

    So, is this a typo in the description, or a left over bug when the ability was updated?
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    Jewelry Guide (09 Feb 18 - "Custom Rare Jewelry" usage & "5/4 vs 6/3" rough notes)

    Files: (You don't need Dropbox, select "Direct Download" to download)
    * Base Attributes and Formulae (28 Jan 18 - BH from 1.2.75 have 5% base Parry Chance)
    * Champion Points Distribution "helper" (14 Feb 18 - DPS/Damage with "New" allocations)
    * Jewelry Crafting/Fusing (08 Feb 18 - v1.2.88, no changes found)