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2 New Combat Stats

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    2 New Combat Stats

    I enjoyed the heroes of might and magic game series. I feel some of their combat mechanics hold a lot of promise. Sorta stealing from them, here are two combat stats that can be incorporated into Eternium.

    Offense Rating: Essentially the sum of offensive attributes. Things like power, haste, CR, CD.

    Defense Rating: the sum of defensive attributes. Armor, Damage Reflect, Block, Dodge, Parry.

    When resolving combat damage, add two additional modifiers.

    1) If the damage dealer's Offensive Rating is > than the target's Defensive Rating, the weapon damage range is biased towards the max range (sorta like how higher trial rewards have a higher stat range bias). The bias is based on how much damage dealer's OR is greater than the target's DR in % terms. In this case weapons with high damage range (like AXE and STAFF) will yield greater benefit for players that have high OR. The reverse is also true, meaning if player/mob's OR is less than target's DR, then the bias towards the min range will be used. Think of this like breaking through the target's Armor. The greater acumen of the offensive strategies is reflected by the ability to dish out the max damage more frequently.

    2) If the damage dealer's DR is > than the target's DR, then the final damage is multiplied by that DR difference. For example damage dealer's DR is 12000 and target's DR is 10000, then the final damage is increased by 20%. This is to reflect greater defensive acumen will allow the player to spot the weakness in the target's defense and hence causing greater injury.

    Incorporating these two stats (all derivative stats, thus nothing new really need to be added to the game except for a bit of code in combat resolution) will further diversify the weapon variety. Also create a better combat experience curve. What I mean by that is the fight to overcome an equivalent target should be tough and balanced, but as you gain greater power, you should be able to wipe the floor with those formally worthy combatants much easier. Also we no longer need to scale the monsters/boss via the simple brute force hp/damage scaling. Imagine a boss with a huge weapon damage range, you better come with enough DR so you don't get one shotted as the max damage will be dealt more frequently. Or in those cases, avoiding the damage becomes the key via shield/mirror etc. On the other hand, this gives the defensive oriented chars more survivability since they are likely looking at more min damage combat resolutions. Right now the difference in defensive oriented and offensive oriented builds are not significant enough in actual gameplay. Just add VIT seems to be the solution to the oneshot problem.


    Quick addendum... with an eye towards future PVP, the above suggestion might be construed as favoring DR vs OR as OR is only used once while DR is used in both calculations...... so slight modification to the above.

    1) Damage dealer (player or npc) OR vs Target (player or npc) OR.
    DD (damage dealer) OR = T (Target) OR, the weapon damage range is used in its entirety.
    DD OR > T OR, weapon damage is biased towards its max range. If DD OR is 20% greater than T OR, damage range used for the weapon is 20% - 100%. For example, Lvl70 AXE weapon damage range is 993-1801. So the full damage range is 808 (1801-993). In the case of DD OR being 20% greater than T OR, the damage range is only 80%, or 646.4, or 1154.6 - 1801. In the extreme case of DD OR >= 2x T OR, the AXE will be doing 1801 damage constantly.

    On the flipside, if DD OR < T OR, same dynamic is in play but in the reverse direction. In the extreme case of DD OR <= 0.5x T OR, all damage done using the AXE will be 993.

    2) DD DR vs T DR.
    Concept of a lucky shot get incorporated. A lucky shot does 2x damage, a multiplier after all other damage multipliers are computed.
    If DD DR = T DR, a default chance of 5% lucky shot is used.
    If DD DR > T DR, the % difference is added to the default 5% lucky shot chance. For example if DD DR = 1.2x T DR, then the lucky shot chance is 25% (20 + 5). In the extreme case of DD DR >= 1.95x T DR, then every shot is a lucky shot. "Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic", or in this case Sufficiently superior defensive knowledge means your plate armor is no more than a wet paper bag and I shall pluck your eyes out with each strike.
    If DD DR < T DR, then the % difference is subtracted from the default 5% lucky shot. A negative lucky shot chance means a chance at being unlucky. An unlucky shot does 50% of the normal damage. In the extreme case of DD DR < 0.45x T DR, then every shot is an unlucky shot.

    This introduces greater variance into the combat damage beyond HP and DPS. More importantly, AXE and high damage range weapons have a reason for being in the game. With the current high attacks per second, and monster HP, there is basically zero difference among weapons. Now AXE and its like become the preferred weapon when dealing with lower level trash mob.


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        What's funny to me is how Eternium already reduces much of this down to the 3 summary stats, but it just has an excessive amount of detail underlying how those stats are created.


          You lost me after "2 New Combat Stats"
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            What Tater said!


              I like chocolate milk.

              Game already gives a damage/defense/recovery stat.

              And they do plan to work DR into a better system during next balance updates...
              we shall see what happens..
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