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Some suggestions I wanted to dump on the forum before I forget about it or something...

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    Originally posted by narf View Post
    Custom friend codes: Do you remember your friend code? Neither do I.

    An "Unfriend" button: To reduce friend list lag by letting players remove other players from their list without having to bother a certain Support Manager to wipe everything...

    Rebalance companions

    Update daily login rewards

    Re: companions - Let us use our other created heroes as companions

    Mage's magic should be able to pierce walls... Also, is marcus' shield blocking my mage's attack when he is between me and an enemy?! If so, please fix?

    Mage and BH should both destroy trees, other organic materials, etc when attacking instead of being blocked


      About switching Heros. I will repeat my comment when the dressing room was introduced. Move the dressing room and the changing of Heros to the Inn.


        Either add counters for stars (and gems) to the gaunlet and training ground or remove the counters altogether so that players can complete the 810 out of 810 stars for story mode...

        Obviously an "exit training ground" door or button would need to be added to TG in order to complete the counter.

        I realize this has likely been mentioned before but just adding/+1-ing here. Seems like that edit would be some low hanging fruit for an addition to an update


          Every thing u said are very useful hopefully all can be added in the future, but will take time to implement it. i didnt even know theres a xagan that exist in the pet shop. theres 4 of them i thought theres only 3 i was wrong all the time.