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TL100 is too easy to clear on ANB. Anybody can do this.

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  • Shilien
    I don't think devs should only listen those who pay. Those who don't may produce important content in this forum attracting new people to try their best and some of them will pay for sure...
    100 TL is now much easier than it was before but being still a rewardable milestone become less competitive and ANB at this point loses half of it's challenge spirit. So I support the idea of 120 to be a new 100 as it would match previous 90 and 70 TLs.
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  • Deepz
    If clearing TL100 is as easy as you say then why are the other 3000+ players not clearing them (assuming about ~600 players cleared TL100)?

    Its easy to point out when you are a top player in the game because you have long forgot the struggle of those newbies.
    Not everyone is in the forum or watch the tutorial videos.

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  • TL100 is too easy to clear on ANB. Anybody can do this.

    I think even my grand mom could,,, lol
    Anybody can get TL100 without money, but aQua can not :-) lol.. lol.. lol.. Hahaha

    For this test, I made new account.
    I only spent 321 cash gems.
    Skill windows : 10+25+20+50=105
    Mercenary windows : 25+50=75
    EXP. Accessory : 6+21+39=66
    EXP. Drug : 75
    Total gem used : 105+75+66+75=321
    TL100 took only 4 hrs of play time.
    It means that clearing TL100 for 2 celestial items is not good for making money for devs.
    Why don’t you raise TLs for celestial as TL100 and TL120.
    I love this game and I hope Eternium to develop and improve.
    Plz making money efficiently as possible as you can and change the game engine for decreasing bugs and stabilizing my lovely Eternium.
    Don't listen to the users who don’t pay for you, who only talks..

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