Current UI

Single Finger (normal attack slot ) (normal attack slot ) Double finger

Proposed UI

Single Finger (normal attack slot) (slider scale, range 0-10) (normal attack slot)
Double Finger (normal attack slot) (slider scale, range 0-10) (normal attack slot)

Rationale: streamline attack switch to make it more practical on mobile while preserving the option of precise attack switch for those that want it.

The slider scale determines the % of time the normal attack will be triggered. Let's say if I set the slider at 3, this means the normal attack that is at the left of the slider scale will trigger 30% of the time while the normal attack on the right will trigger 70% of the time. The increment is 10% because there needs to be a trade off. Less precise control for removing the need to actual perform attack switch.

This proposal also opens up the possibility to actually use more than 2 normal attacks during a trial.

Benefit: greater depth of normal attack interactivity, streamlined mobile use case, preserving existing attack switch meta if desired (simply setting the slider scale to 10 will make the left normal attack skill the only one performed).

Drawback: none.

Adrian (Developer)
Red (Developer)

since the input environment on mobile is miles behind pc, any option that makes it easier on mobile should be explored and considered for implementation.