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War Supplies - Legendary Treasure Value Pack Grossly Outdated

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    War Supplies - Legendary Treasure Value Pack Grossly Outdated

    So, you are really still offering these:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	War Supplies Value Packs.png Views:	1 Size:	217.9 KB ID:	170874

    for the current War Supplies? Come on. Every War Supplies since the equipment level was raised to level 71+ we have asked why you are still offering Custom Legendary Items that only create level 70 items.

    If you insist on only offering obsolete stuff for sale during War Supplies, then consider offering an obsolete item that players would be more tempted to pay real money to acquire. The only real value from the Legendary Treasure Event Value Pack is from the Custom Rare Jewelry boxes and the price is getting kind of steep for just those. Something that would tempt players more? Swap out the Custom Legendary Item boxes with Custom Celestial Item boxes that, even though they are only level 70, by purchasing three of them you can actually get one Celestial Transform.

    Continuing to sell items that are blatantly obsolete during current events will only serve to frustrate new players and leave a sour taste in their mouth towards the game and potentially cause bad reviews which would only harm the reputation of Eternium.

    You should either change what is offered via the Event Value Packs or stop offering them.


    I did not notice the Random Set Item boxes shown here:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	War Suppiles Value Packs - Pirate's Chest.png Views:	0 Size:	239.9 KB ID:	170879

    which are just as useless. I have no suggestions for a Random Set Item boxes other than to redo them and allow them a crafting Mastery Level chance of generating a level 72+ item.

    For what it is worth? I used to buy three Legendary Treasure value packs just about every, if not every, War Supplies event if my memory serves me which is questionable nowadays.

    I just looked back and believe I have purchased 27 Legendary Treasures in the past along with three Pirate's Chests so I have a bit of a platform from which to speak.

    I do not even look at the War Supplies offerings anymore other than to shake my head.
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    There is only one logical explanation. They do not want our money.
    Give me legendary random set item at level 77. - SOLD -
    Give me a ring that has the stats of the ones we get during ANB -SOLD-
    So many things you could offer and update. Right now, waste of time.
    I have seen posts like this before, this will probably fall on deaf ears ....................


      I almost bought one of these. Would not have been ok with being ripped off . Thanks for the heads-up.


      • Keaven
        Keaven commented
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        This is my concern. New players who haven't yet learned that this stuff is junk are potentially being ripped off if they do buy.

      I have to agree with the Man of Tin. There is nothing in the event value packs which lives up to that name. Some of them MIGHT be of interest to a new player who has not acquired a significant stash of gemstones. But as someone who has been around the Eternium block a few times, I can state that everything being offered is either useless or easily acquired during the normal course of play.

      I'd be happy to spend money to support the game (and generally do, buying Season Passes and event packs during ANB), but you need to offer something of value.

      The following are examples of items that would probably get me to chip out the greenbacks:
      • A set item that is guaranteed to be at least level 75, with a chance for 77.
      • A fully customizable legendary ring or necklace that will roll perfect or near-perfect stats.
      • A unique weapon or gear piece that confers advantages that cannot be acquired with existing pieces.
      • A Celestial Transform.


        All of the rewards offered in the game are in desperate need of upgrading and should be bumped up to the top of the list of priorities.

        1. Purchase offers
        2. Daily rewards
        3. Event rewards
        4. Gornathans stock

        am I missing anything?

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        • Canard
          Canard commented
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          Ahahah gornathans stock is sooo funny does someone already bought something in his shop? 200 gems for an epic non set item that's not cool I don't know how Gornathans can feed his family.

        +1 on all these suggestions

        All these packs are pretty useless now even if you are low CL.

        Even the little (very little) boost of gold and xp is not enough for me...


        • Canard
          Canard commented
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          Yeah as for me a boost on level crafting perks would be nice and a boost on items level drop too or on essence.

        I noticed this post is from a few years ago, did they ever update the legendary equipment boxes or are they still level 70 items? I think a fix would be to at least be more transparent on the description of the box itself if they’re still level 70…

        edit: my intent is not to rip the bandaid off an old wound. I see them in the shop and I’m interested but not if they’re level 70 items that I’ll end up feeding to the salvage yard.
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        • Tin Man
          Tin Man commented
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          Yeppers, they are still only level 70.

        • Brill
          Brill commented
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          Thanks for the confirmation!