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2 specific suggestions to help improve the grind

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    2 specific suggestions to help improve the grind

    goal: to improve the enjoyment of "the grind"

    1) buff the overall gold drop rate.
    - it looks like new patch gave us new gear slots; but gold drop rates seem the same/less.
    -more gear slots means more gold needed to craft those slots, so if anything a BUFF to overall gold drops will help reward the players and make it feel like post new content they are GETTING MORE, feeling empowered.
    -This doesn't destabilize your gold faucet/sink since you already have a MASSIVE sink in the form of crafting. A 15%-25% increase won't break the balance for anyone who doesn't already have a massive gold stash.

    2) add a skill for master crafter 50 that increases % chance of higher L72+ gear to drop from TL. If possible, maybe even another boost to this at TL100.

    -people who reached end content still want a reason to grind.
    -with 4 new slots, it means 4√ónumber of items chances of getting a piece that one DOESN'T want, so its an indirect nerf to drop rates. A buff will not destabilize the economy for mid-game players but will reward end-game players.

    Excellent suggestions!


      Nice, but it would be nicer if there will be +EG and +EXP enchantments.


      • Turgeon
        Turgeon commented
        Editing a comment
        Yeah enchantment or set gear for farming gold or exp. Unique item specialized in farming could be nice too

      The gold droprate was buffed. Those 4 new item slots have given roughly 25% more EG so your wish has been granted.